Which is better? LV or Watch?


LV or Watch?

  1. LV Damier Geant Messager

  2. LV Taiga Odessa

  3. Tag Hueur Mens' Watch

  4. Just give him a home cooked meal! or Other items (Please suggest!) TIA

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  1. Hubby's birthday is next Friday and I really don't know what to get him, thought of the Viktor but my Dad uses that as his everyday bag and hubby refuses to carry the same bag.

    A huge part of me wants to buy him a LV but another part of me tells me a watch is more value for money. :s

    Need opinions on this, please help! TIA!:heart:
  2. My DH is in love with the Steve McQueen Monaco Tag Heuer watch, so I say go with the Tag Heuer.
  3. i say definitely LV. and IMO the taiga is more luxurious than the damier geant collection. what do you hubby carry when he goes to work? odessa seems like a nice choice if he carries his laptop to work. you just have to make sure that his laptop fits into odessa. otherwise, there are quite a lot of messenger bags in the taiga line. HTH! :smile:
  4. I think men would know how to appreciate watches better than bags. At least with the watch he can wear it everyday!
  5. Yep, I agree.
    I'd recommend buying the Tag Heuer. :yes:

    btw, Itsabagslife, this is slightly off-topic, but I love your avatar of your dog Jimmy! (Was his name Jimmy? Please correct me if I'm wrong!)
    He's adorable! :love:
  6. IMO, watch is more value for men :biggrin: especially my BF :shame:
    I noticed that he spent more time on watch department than bag one :shrugs:
    Maybe the latest technology of watch can attract men more than the gorgeous bag :smile:
    But that's only my view. Let see others :yes:
  7. If you give him that home cooked meal, that'd be even more money for grooms items ! :happydance::devil:

    (go for the watch !)
  8. Personally, I would go with a Breitling watch--they are my fiancee's favorite!
  9. I would give him the watch :yes:
  10. Hmm, seems like the majority would be for a watch except for a choice of a home-cooked meal! Lol!:lol:

    I thought of the Breitling too but he's been drooling:drool: over the Tag ones.

    eyelove, yup! That's Jimmy alright! You still remember!

    I think the problem is that I want him to carry an LV too, maybe that's why I've been looking at these few items... :s
  11. Tag Heuer!
  12. watch :yes:
  13. I'd recommend the watch as well. Or maybe you should ask him what he prefers? Which would he need/use more...a watch or a bag?
  14. My bf would def. want the watch.
  15. i'd say go for the watch too. Tag Heuer make very good watches - i have two :graucho: