Which is better: Ludlow wallet or Porte-monnaie Plat (Change Purse)?

  1. I'm still trying to decide on a small wallet from LV. Which one is better? If you think neither one is good, please make a suggestion about another great small-size wallet. :idea:
  2. The Ludlow! : )
  3. Both are nice, but for just a little more money you could get a billfold that would hold a lot more. I know it's not as cute and feminine as the Ludlow or change purse, but it's more functional. The Ludlow is $255 right now. For $15 more, you could get the billfold with six card slots.
  4. Ludlow fits more cc and cash rolled up. Porte Monnaie Plat only fits around 2 cc's and the same amount of cash.
  5. i have ludlow, and i LOVE IT!
    its my favorite lv thing!
  6. Ludlow -- in the red vernis :love:
  7. i have the Porte-monnaie Plat and I love it! :smile:
  8. I have the Porte-monnaie Plat also and LOVE it!:love: It was exactly what I was looking for. Something to hold only my cash and change. I keep my cc's and drivers license in my checkbook holder.
    I think it all depends on what you really want to use it for!
  9. ludlow is a great small wallet.
  10. Between the two, a Ludlow.
  11. ludlow is more practical.....
  12. I'm having a hard time deciding between Ludlow and Cozy! You ever thought of Cozy?

    If I had to choose between your two options, I'd go with Ludlow. Mono or Framboise.
  13. I am loving my Ludlow...I think I want either a Vernis or Damier one next! (Or both!)

    I can get 6 cards in mine as well as paper money (folded). I keep my other loose change in a Cles.
  14. I like the Ludlow better... the PMP is WAAAAAAAAAAY too small.
  15. Porte-monnaie plate! :biggrin: