Which is better IRL, natural or greige?


Naturel or Greige?

  1. Naturel City w/ rh

  2. Greige city w/ rh?

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  1. Which color is more versatile and can stand up to me chasing my 4 year old while wearing it w/out getting filthy. I was thinking about aquamarine and vert gazon, but I'm pretty sure that a neutral bag is what I need to add to my collection after seeing the great thread Incoralblue dedicated to neutral bags.

  2. Greige! Love this color!
  3. Natural city with RH is my choice.....:smile:
  4. I'm in for greige..Its such a pretty colour..
    Ill bet u love it:yes:
  5. Griege!! :love:

    I bet Naturel is pretty but I would think it might get dirty easier ...

    can you still find a Greige City ???
  6. Diabro still has one. I'm still plotting against my husband for my mother's day present! : ) I'm going to wait for my HG (apple city in mint condition) hoping that the price will go down soon. I am leaning towards greige.
  7. Greige all the way...the combination of grey and beige...more sophisticated color & al so versatile.:yahoo:
  8. GREIGE! i think natural can look a little like dirty white. greige is simply gorgeous! especially one on eBay right now... from an older season - i think you know what i'm talking about :graucho:
  9. I voted for natural, but I really think you should get a sandstone. It looks great with everything and is darker than natural and griege so it will hold up better with a 4 year old.

  10. I LOVE sandstone, but I already have truffle. Even though truffle is much darker, I can only do one brown this season. Very true about my sugar coated 4 year old.
  11. I love Natural better, specially with little bit of more beige in it.:yes:
  12. I voted for the greige, I really want to get one
    Should I pick a twiggy or a city, if I had the money
    I would get both....:graucho: Ladies help me choose.:wlae:
  13. I voted for natural. Good luck on making a choice. By the way, I've seen a couple AG's come up on eBay lately (lower in price). You may want to check them out.
  14. Natural....it looks nothing like dirty white....its a lovely neutral colour.
  15. I Looooooooooooove Greige.