Which is better hardware on the Epi speedy--gold or silver?

  1. I was looking at a red speedy and have learned that they no longer make them with gold hardware.

    Which is better the gold or the new silver? The only epi bag that I own is the Noctambule and there is no harware on that one. So I'm new to all of this

  2. i like the gold because it goes with all the accessories that have gold hardware but the silver is really nice too
  3. I prefer the look of the silver/palladium hardware for the epi line, but like the brass on everything else. :yes:
  4. I think it depends more on what color Epi piece you want to get...
  5. I like the gold better and am lamenting it's demise. :sad:

  6. ITA:yes:
  7. He he. You were the one who got the red speedy on my mind after chatting earlier today. LOL

    Why did they change it to silver harware?
  8. i prefer silver.
  9. I was thinking of a red one :p
  10. i like the gold but i know a lot of ppl opt for the silver
  11. Depends on the color of Epi leather but I tend to prefer the gold hardware overall.
  12. Hi, I like with palladium/silver but red speedy with palladium hardware is in darker color than red speedy in gold hardware ( correct me if I'm wrong )
  13. Really? Hmmm. Didnt know that
  14. they redesigned it and they changed alot about the speedy's. they changed the lining of the new speedys. the new speedy's have two pockets on the interior as opposed to one with the old speedy's. the leather on the new epi's is softer and the lv signature on the bottom of the new epi's is not stained with black ink so its less noticable. i'll try and see if i can pull up pics of old vs. new and show you

  15. they have the same color