Which is better: Gioco or Zucca?

  1. I'm having a real hard time figuring out whether or not I should get a zucca or a gioco for the spiaggia print.. (Lol I know its kinda premature since I haven't seen a pic of either)

    I already have a gioco in foresta and a zucca in pirata but it seems like the gioco looks more cute when on and kinda gives the illusion of being a smaller bag... But the zucca is more structured but while you're wearing it looks so huge which I'm not usually a fan of.. But its also cute... AAHH.

    What is better in your opinion?
  2. Ha! I don't have either one but from reading this forum for the past 2 months...I'll be shocked if the gioco gets ANY votes! But Pulse says its their best selling style! I sure wish I could test drive one!
  3. I like Zucca better. I feel like the Gioco is kinda like a mini duffle bag.
  4. Yeah it seems like everyone adores the zucca here... but I'd like to know why they don't like the gioco, or if they like the gioco too :p I also like that with the gioco you get so much of the print. I was surprised how little of the print it seems like I got with my zucca.
  5. I definitely prefer the Zucca. The Gioco is OK, I suppose, but it's hard to open at times and my stuff shifted around too much inside it. I had one for a while and ended up selling it on eBay after I got tired of dealing with the above-referenced issues.
  6. Hmm yeah it is hard to find stuff in there, maybe I'll get a zucca after all...
  7. I like how the gioco looks but zucca wins in the practicality, versatility-(can be used on more occasions) dept. IMO the gioco to me looks more casual
  8. The Gioco isn't too good for everyday use, which I use it that way anyway. But the point is, is that it's hard to open if you're in a hurry and have nowhere to put it down. I don't have a zucca yet, but I pre-ordered one and I'm hoping it will be awesome.
  9. I love my gioco. I see what everyone is saying about the little "difficulties" but come on! Hahahah it's a purse!
  10. i have one of each.. but i haven't used my gioco yet :x

    i do like my zucca though! :]
  11. I agree w/Angelic I prefer the zucca. The gioco is cute when it's on BUT it's hard to get into when it's on your arm. I have 3 giocos and 4 zuccas and right now I'm on the zucca kick so I haven't been wrestling my giocos lately :rolleyes:
  12. I love gioco better!
  13. I have both too and I LOVE how the gioco looks (I really want an amore one), but unless it is cheap, I'm holding out because it is hard to use. Especially when it gets stuffed, then the straps get further apart. Personally, the gioco looks ok half filled but any more and it looks funny. But then the way it is shaped, the pockets on the insid shift around and it feels like they are at the bottom of the bag sometimes. At least the zucca is less floppy and your pockets don't shift.
  14. I have both bags and I love my Zucca way more. Both are cute!
  15. I used my Gioco for the first time today.

    I like the way it looks. I like that it holds a TON of stuff.

    But what is with the lining???? There is all this fabric just hanging around inside getting in the way. It shifts all over the place. You have to be careful not to get it caught inthe zipper. The cell phone pocket ended up sliding onto the bottom of the bag and the phone kept falling out and getting lost in the bag.

    I like the bag, it's cute, and I'll use it, but I doubt I'll ever buy another Gioco unless it's really cheap.