Which is better for amusement parks?

  1. Who owns any of these? Which one is better for amusement parks? I usually carry just a wristlet when we go to Disneyland, Six Flags etc. but I want something that will also hold a pen, tissues, maybe an autograph book etc... Any other suggestions are welcome as well. Which wallet, wristlet or mini skinny works well with your pick? Thanks!

    Coach Hamptons Signature Swing Pack

    Signature Stripe Swing Pack


    Signature Stripe Camera Bag

    Signature Mini Crossbody

    Signature Small Backpack

    Coach Signature Backpack
  2. I'm really interested in the backpack (unsure of which one) only cause it was my first Coach love but I never got it!!
  3. I don't carry a purse...I have a small card case from the outlet thats very thin (about mini skinny size but I like the way it holds things better). I use that and just put it in a pocket. I tend to wear cargo pants to amusement parks so I can keep stuff on my body and not worry about what to do with my bag when I'm on the roller coasters!
  4. shelbell77, good idea about wearing cargo pants!
  5. I would go with the swingpack because you can wear it across your body and keep it close to you, plus it will hold everything you want to take and has a zipper closure.:yes:
  6. When we were at Disneyworld for Thanksgiving, I carried the Swingpack - that was great. plenty of room for a couple of cards, digital camera, lip gloss, etc. And It's nice to have the zipper closure. Small enough that it wasn't a bother either.
  7. I'd go with the Swingpack or the camera bag (you get an extra pocket on that one). The crossbody bag is teeny tiny.
  8. The bookbag would be too big to carry around the park all day. I really like the hamptons swingpack.
  9. So many great choices, I would go with the swingpack. They are so useful.
  10. I go with the swingpack as well. Just big enough for small essentials, but small enough not to be a bother. Stay away from the backpack. You don't want your valuables behind you in a crowded area when you're traveling.
  11. I would definately go with the swing pack or if you arent carrying too much, i think the skinny in cargo pants would work nicely (that way you dont risk things getting tangled or lost if you go on rides). Maybe even a wristlet that you can wrap around a belt loop? All depends on what type of rides and how much stuff you need to carry around with you.

    have fun!!!
  12. We go to Cedar Point in Ohio and they make us take off ALL swingpack, fannypackst etc when we go on coasters, they have a bin we have to put them in so I carry a CHEAPO bag now. Really ticked me off when they started doing that, but they say it is for safety, but not having anyone steal my coach from the bin.
  13. queenmab, I didn't even think of that!!

    Coachnut, wow! I'd hate to leave my Coach in a bin!!

    Thanks, everyone!

    Now I'll have to decide between a Swing Pack and the Camera Bag.
  14. i definitely agree with coachnut on this one, the last time i went to an amusement park, i had a brand new bag with me and was completely paranoid about it all day - most of the time you have to just leave your belongings off to the side of the ride, so basically the whole time i was on the rollercoaster i was worried about my purse. getting a locker might be your best bet.
  15. I carry a swingpack around disney...it's perfect. Fits a skinny, camera, cell, lippie, gum, and my sunglasses if I really cram them in there (my DH refers to my sunglasses as "goggles" as they are so large. heheh)

    And - to be a total dork...I make the shoulder strap smaller and put it around my waist (looping it through one belt-loop to secure it)...I hate having tan lines from purse straps! hehehe.