Which is better for a day at Disneyland?

  1. So I can't decide between a Cabas Piano (big but fits over the shoulder) or a Mini Sac HL (nice size, but can't fit over the shoulder). I want my Louis to experience it's first trip to Disneyland but cannot decide which one to take. Or if there are any other LV's you would suggest, please do! I might just have to go shopping before hand. :smile:

    Basically looking for something that is comfortable to carry but rather small so it will fit in the protector case on the rides. (I'm not a fan of salsas or over the body bags)
  2. I think the Piano would be ok. I don't think it's that big! It's a cute bag!
  3. Piano for sure. The HL is too small IMO.
    I'm going to Disneyland on Thursday and Friday and don't know what bag to take yet either.
  4. I would suggest a messenger style bag of some sort since you'll be running around in the park. Mini sac HL will be too small and annoying to carry.
  5. Another vote for Cabas! Have fun at Disneyland! : )
  6. yeah, the CP is amazing!! Enjoy your trip!
  7. Definitely Cabas- even with it's small size, holding the mini HL will get tiresome after a while.
  8. Okay, between Piano and Mini HL -- I would go with Piano because you will probably get tired of carrying the Mini HL and you might also want some extra room in case you buy anything. If you are considering other bags, I recommend a small messenger (like the Messenger PM Bosphore) or the Musette. Hope that you have a great trip!
  9. Sorry, but I would suggest that you take a purse that you can bang around with while at Disneyland. I have seen people carrying their LVs at Disneyland, but I would be so paranoid banging my LV into things and putting the purse down. I would be afraid that it might get wet or splashed on ....

    I had a Cabas Piano and I think it would probably stick out of the protector nets or may not fit at all..... plus you would want to be careful with the vachetta bottom of the Piano while you were there which means you definately won't want to go on Splash Mountain with it.

    I usually carry a small nylon purse backpack just for this type of occasion since it can be easily smooshed into the protector nets or if it gets wet, I just don't care!

    If you absolutely must bring an LV, do you have a Pochette? You could at least put it on your shoulder or stuff it into a friend's backpack while you're at Disneyland. And if you also wind up bringing your Cabas Piano, at least bring a plastic shopping bag that you can place it in when going on the different rides.

    I hope you have fun at Disneyland!!! I love Space Mountain and Indiana Jones. Be sure to do the fastpass for the popular riders. Have a great trip!!! Say hi to Mickey for me!!!

    If you buy souvenirs at Disneyland, ask the sales clerk about the package delivery service. When you buy something, you can have it delivered to the front of the park and then pick it up there at the end of the day instead of carrying the purchase around with you all day. The clerk will probably say that it takes at least 2 to 3 hours for your purchase to be picked up by the delivery service, so allow for that when you are buying stuff. It's a great service!
  10. i will go for the cp too. but, if you are in the mood for shopping (who isn't?) for something else i would suggest the montsouris mm. you have your hands free, you can put it either in front or your back and its a good size. i usually opt for a backpack when i go to amusement parks. just my 2 cents :smile:
  11. something that fits over your shoulder for sure.
    unless you get a strap for your mini.

    have fun!
  12. I vote for the cabas. Have fun in disneyland!!
  13. Wow! You're brave to go to Disneyland during Spring break! I would take a bag that you don't care about too much. I don't take my LV's. Too stressful. I like to take a small messenger bag so I'm completely hands free.
  14. i vote for the cabas or if you have anything damier that you can wear over your shoulder like the saleya
  15. I agree:yes: :yes: