which is better for a carry-on? (pics) plus, are duffel bags practical?

  1. i need a carry-on for airport travel. which would you choose? im in love with the britt, my only concern is the "open" (magnetic snap) top for theft purposes. and it might be easier to lose something if it plopped on the floor and tips over. your thoughts?



    plus, do you find traveling with duffel bags to be uncomfortable? im worried that after a few hours my neck would get all red from the weight/strap. then again trolleys are a hassle to roll around when in a hurry. this is the duffel bag im thinking about getting:


    thanks for your help!:shrugs:
  2. I really like the britt. I carry my gucci and it is open top and I don't have any problems. If you get a messenger, I would go with the LV instead. Same could be said for the duffle.
  3. why would you rather go with LV over gucci?
  4. Because, LV luggage ages well x__x

    I noticed only the Gucci Plus (Coated Canvas) ages way better than the regular GG canvas.
  5. ooooohh i have that exact leather gucci britt in the first pic. I love using it as a purse. As far as using it as carryon... it depends what you consider carryon lolz. You prolly won't be able to take much with you. It's a great versatile purse since you can carry it messenger style but won't be able to take a whole lot with you.

    I have the LV keepall 60 :push: and its great for travel.

    i think this gucci bag is great for light carryon for travel. The price is right tooo... hmmmm, im thinking i need this soon :graucho: