Which is better Chanel or Louis Vuitton Bag?

  1. Hi All...

    I have a dilemma...I only have a choice to either buy a Chanel Grand Tote bag, or the Cerf bag...or a Louis Vuitton Multicolore bag called Ursula...which one should I get?

    Thank you soooooooo much everyone.
  2. HI and welcome! I'll move this to our Handbags Forum for you. The Newcomer's Lounge is a place for you to introduce yourself.

    Neither Chanel nor LV is better, but one could fit your needs better than the other.
    I'm not a Multicolor fan at all, it's a little loud to me. I'd prefer something in monogram or Epi instead. But out of the 2, I'd choose Chanel!!!
  3. Vuitton! Any day. The canvas is so durable and the multicolore combines fun, young and cute with the luxury and institution that is LV! You cannot go wrong. :supacool:
  4. I prefer Chanel without question................but it's all about personal taste :tup:
  5. Thank you all for answering me soooo fast!! I forgot to add that I do carry alot of things in my bag. I have this big organizer that I carry with me. I just don't know how to minimize my things. hahaahhaha.
    I am asking because the holidays are coming soon, and my brother is going to give me a gift cert.

    I guess one of the plus of having Chanel is that the leather doesn't get dirty easily, like the Louis.
  6. I'd go for Ursula!
  7. I would go for one of the Chanels! Not a huge fan of Multicolor...
  8. I love my LV, but I would KILL for chanel GST!!!
  9. I definitely prefer either of the Chanels. I like LV, but I'm not a fan of the MC bags.
  10. I too would go for either of the Chanels
  11. I would go with GST. It all depends on your style I guess. I just think Chanel is so luxurious and the GST is perfect size and style. I LOVE LV, but I would choose the Chanel.
  12. Thank you!!! Looks like GST would be the better Choice! Awesome!
    I want something where people can see that it's a Chanel.

  13. CHANEL in this case. I am not a huge fan of MC either.
  14. chanellllll.