Which is better? Chanel or Laura Mercier?


Which is better? Chanel or Laura Mercier?

  1. Chanel

  2. Laura Mercier

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  1. I've been using Chanel for years and now I'm thinking of going back to Laura Mercier. The two reasons I went to Chanel is the prestige of the line and the make-up artist does an amazing job on me.

    What's your pick and why?
  2. for... what?
  3. I definitely don't think any ONE brand is the best for everything. In this case, I don't think Chanel is "better" than LM (or vice versa) but I do think selected products from each brand may work better. Personally, I don't stick with one brand. I like both Chanel and LM for certain products... and other brands (such as Shu uemura, Bobbi Brown and Prescriptives) also work well for me.
  4. What exactly are you comparing of the two brands?

    I love Chanel makeup..but not all of it is that great. There are many cheaper alternatives for most Chanel makeup, I just use it because I love Chanel purses and I like quality. :yes:
  5. I used to use Laura Mercier, but now almost use Chanel exclusively. I personally think Chanel's products are better. For instance, LM's moisturizer with sunscreen used to run in my eyes when I would sweat and cause them to burn. That never happens with Chanel. Although, I do still like LM's lip glosses, as well as the ones from Chanel.
  6. I don't stick to one brand for my entire line of makeup. I just use whatever from a particular brand works best for me (which is like ten different brands, at least lol). So, I don't think I can really answer your question... it depends on what exactly you want to use and for what reasons. Choose what works best for you, it doesn't mean you have to use only one brand if something else from another brand works better.
  7. I don't stick with any one brand for everything, makeup wise and some skincare though I say Laura, she's a wonderful makeup artist and she created a line to her specifications as an artist who has worked on many different types of skin. Chanel does great color, but I've never loved any of their foundations, concealers, or powders........To clarify makeup wise for Laura I mean foundation powder, concealer. Her color is nice too but I do really like Chanel color.
  8. I've never tried LM (I don't think it's available here :shrugs:) but I don't use just one line either, I use tons of different brands as I don't think all products from one line are good, or works great for everyone :flowers:
  9. I like LM for her foundation, powder, and MMU but I like chanels shadow and blush better... I use both, My entire makeup bag is LM and Chanel.
  10. i use both...i wouldn't generally pick one over the other but i do happen to use more laura mercier products....

    I am being very general about my post. I just wanted to see what your thoughts are. As I said above, I always thought Chanel has prestige, but maybe TPF members disagree.
    Sounds like so far, LM foundation is preferred over Chanel
  12. I always pick something from the company I think is the best for this product- for example, I loved a discontinued foundation by Chanel but the colours they are doing now are not suitable for my skintone, so no Chanel for me but Bobbi Brown. For primer I always go back to Laura Mercier also for my bronzer. But I have a lovely eyeshadow by Chanel!
    I think both companies you mentioned are well known, maybe go and ask for a consultation!:yes:
    The prestige of a brand is not good enough for me- the product has to win me over!
  13. Neither of them has anything that really comes close to matching my skin tone.

    If the makeup gods can somehow take Bobbi Brown's foundation/concealer consistency and MAC's colour palette....I'd be set!