Which is better? Aubergine, Tabacco or Dove?

  1. Hey all the PFers who went and literally cleaned out the 50%-off Paddys on NAP! :yahoo: So what color (or colors) did you get? Originally I wanted a Aubergine but wasn't fast enuf in clicking that "pay" button and watched it being sold out in front of my eyes. But thanks to the girls in the "deals and steals" subforum who quickly alerted me of the new colors on sale (Dove and Tabacco) After quickly going thru all the purses I have (in my head... the closet is too cluttered!!) I oredered the Tabacco cuz it was still available and I don't have a dark brown bag.. (hard to believe..) But the dove looked good too.. and I heard the silver locks are "better"? cuz the paint doesn't chip off as much??... oh well

    Are any of you out there like me? Who can't really decide on which color Paddy to get? If you had a chance to pick one.. which color will you pick??
  2. all of em ;)

    No, seriously, I was restrained and held back as the colours were not one that I really wanted, but I was tempted by the Aubergine.

    I purchased a Chloe Blouse instead, and it is the most gorgeous top that I have purchased from Chloe, just gorgeous :biggrin:
  3. Wow Chloe!! Really?? What blouse did you get? I wanna see!! :love:
    I LOVE their clothes (especially dresses)!! But they are usually priced much much higher than the bags... so I'm still saving up for my first piece of Chloe-couture :choochoo:
  4. I just purchased the silk blouse. Its lovely, big bell sleeves, and at the back the buttons stop half way down, so it floats open, but because it is so well cut, when you are sitting down it is still completely covered and closed, I wore it today, and I think the blouse got me a new job.....

    piccie here :smile:

  5. I got the tobacco and dove and then cancelled the tobacco. Too many brown bags.
  6. I was going to get the Aubergine Paddy, but decided not to and I'm glad I waited. I ordered the Tobacco color yesterday and I'm happy!! I didn't care for the dove color. Seeing the Aubergine Paddy in pics from a fellow PF'er who received hers was really pretty, but I don't think it would fit in my wardrobe. To me the Aubergine looks more for an evening out. Just my opinion. My Tobacco should be arriving on the 31st. YAY!!
  7. OMG I love that blouse chloe-babe!!! :love: I am sooooo jealous!! :drool: :heart:
  8. Wowza!!! Me too!! I'd just love to peak into your closet!!!:wtf:
  9. Wowza!!! Me too!! I'd just love to peak into your closet!!!:wtf:

    oh...got distracted by chloe-babe's blouse and forgot the question...back now...
    I got the tobacco. I, too, had no brown bags. also lately I have been getting all black bags with silver hardware so I really wanted to get something with the gold lock!
  10. Oh my!! What a lovely blouse!!!:drool: LOVE IT!!! :nuts:
  11. I was lucky enough to get the Dove colored bag!!!:yahoo: The color looks very pretty and I'm really excited about the silver hardware. This color appears a lot like the gris vert pictures I've seen here on the forum, but I'm reading that mousse and dove are actually the same???:s Can anyone clarify?? Thanks!
  12. i believe mousse has a greenish tinge to it (greenish gray), whilst dove is a bluish gray (slightly blue-gray)..
  13. Haha, you and me both with regard to the aubergine...:yes:

    I went for the Dove because i thought i ought to go for a bag with silver hardware - i've already got a whiskey which has gold hardware, so to justify another paddy purchase (LOL) i had to go for the dove.

    Plus it's a neutral colour....i've just got to find some sexy winter boots to match now...:graucho:

    I wasn't sure of the tobacco, whether i liked it enough to buy it.
    And sales were limited to one per person...man was that HARD!:yahoo:
  14. If it's of any help, according to an email i received this morning, the Chloe boots that NAP have for sale are the same colour as the Dove paddy.:flowers:

  15. I think hmwe46 mentioned she compared mousse / dove and gris vert IRL and they were the same greenish gray shade but the edging was just in different colour? :idea: I mean I think dove and mousse are same but then there's also gris vert

    Chloe-babe that blouse is simply stunning..!!:love: