Which is best to have as small bag or going out bag: recital or pochette?

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  1. In monogram. If any one has either give me their opinion please. TIA
  2. I prefer pochette! I think it looks nicer :heart:
  3. I also prefer the pochette. The recital is nice but it doesn't look like it will hold as much.
  4. I have the pochette in mono. I also purchased the long mono strap so I can wear it crossbody. I use it several times a week. The recital is cute, but I think you have more versatility with the pochette.
  5. the pochette would look absolutely stunning in Damier for an Night bag!!
  6. pochette! I love my mono panda ^^
  7. I'd go with the pochette too
  8. i like the recital or sonatine over the pochette accessoires simply because the recital and sonatine look like actual purses to me while the pochette looks more like a pouch that belongs in a bigger purse/bag and less like a purse by itself.

    however, the pochette accessoires is still super cute and seems so versatile, so i would consider getting one to organize my essentials inside a bigger tote/bag.

    to be honest, i like the chanel classic flap (medium black caviar with silver) with the CC's. i really wish lv made a bag around 10" x 6" x 3" - in my opinion that is the perfect size for an evening bag. the recital is a bit small, the sonatine doesn't have shoulder straps, and the trotteur is approximately the perfect size, but the straps are too long and the shape is not structured.
  9. I like the Pochette more.
  10. Pochette!
  11. I prefer pochette!
  12. Another vote for the pochette. I like the way it looks better and it also works well inside another bag if you need it to.
  13. I have both and the recital actually holds more than the pochette I've found. I think the pochette would be dressier though because of the shape of it compared to the recital..but I still love my recital bag.
  14. I have both and the Recital definitely holds more than the pochette ;)
  15. I always see people going out with their mono pochette sling on their shoulder with an extender (or not). Some even have longer straps and sling across their body and it does looks cool for a basic LV small bag.