Which is best classic black CL? VP patent, VP kid red tip, Architek???


What is the best all around classic black going out CL?

  1. VP Black Patent

  2. VP Black Kid Leather red tip

  3. Architek black with red tip and heel

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  1. Which CL do you think is the best looking and most versatile for going out with friends, SO, parties, etc. I want a classic black heel to wear with everything from jeans to dresses. If you had to pick only one, which would it be? I thought that I wanted the VP, but the Architek looks good online with the slingback. I have big foot (40) and the VP looks a little bulky on me, but I am not sure. NPs look good on my foot, so I thought that the slingback style of the Architek would be good. Unfortunately, I don't have an Architek nearby to try on so I would order blind. ALso, how does sizing run on the Architek? I am a 40 in VP and NP.

    I will not be wearing this shoe to work, so don't even mention the Simple.

  2. I vote VP in patent black!

    If you are concerned w/ the bulky, I think the reflection of light of the patent will help prevent the look one-color-clump on your feet.
  3. hmmm, If It's day I'd choose vp kid, for night , vp patent are lovely classics :love:
  4. VP kid w/red tip.
  5. i vote vp in black patent! nap will be getting some this season so i pre-ordered a pair.
  6. Though everyone is different, in my opinion the VP black kid with red tip is the most classic versatile shoe of the bunch. It looks great with jeans, skirts and formal wear. It's just a classic shoe overall. Though I agree the Vp patent is also lovely, because of the patent I feel that it is a bit more formal, and is better worn at night, while the kid can go from day to night. The Vp black kid rep tip was my first CL and is easily the sexiest shoe I own. (Even over the electric blue rolandos- which are hot as hell too!)
  7. That's a realllllly tough call! All three are so amazing--I voted for the VP kid leather/red tip. (I'd happily wear ANY of them, though!)
  8. I love the VP's with the red tip as a versatile going out shoe. I really love the black/red architek and will be getting a pair myself. I am also a 40 in the VP and I took a 40 in the Architeks. Though North Cakalaky :smile: has milder winters the slingback is not quite as versatile as the VP imho.
  9. I voted black VPs with red tip! That's one hot shoe. Are they still available anywhere??? I tried them on at Saks once, but was too impatient for them to order my right size, so I passed. And I'm so sorry I did!
  10. My vote is for VP kid w/ red tip~~very classy, but I like the hint of red~
  11. Yeah, the VP kid. :yes:
  12. I voted black patent VPs. So versatile..I love em. The black and red Architeks are comfy and very sexy but I find that I don't wear them as much because I don't like wearing the sling backs with dresses. IDK why..I just prefer closed heel with dresses.
  13. hmmm....very hard decision.
    I would say patent VP. But if you want to change things up a bit, get the Architek.
  14. I voted for black kid VP with red tip. The only reason I say this is because I like the red tip in the kidskin version vs the burgundy tip in the patent version.
  15. Lynn, let me tell you I have both of the black patent with burgundy tip vp and the kid leather with red tip vp. I received them both at the same time and did not think I could justify keeping both, so I returned the black kid. I thought I preferred the patent because they were more glitzy. But, my heart could not bear being without the kid. Every time I saw pics of them on someone, I regretted letting them go. Two months later we were reunited and between the two of them I wear the kid more. They can easily be worn for both day and night. I am not fond of the architek style in general so I would chose the vp over them any day.
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