Which is best BV or BH?


Which is best?

  1. Batignolles Horizontal

  2. Batignolles Verticle

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  1. I am 5'3" medium build. I have looked at the visual aids and went to the store and still cannot decide.:confused1:

    So, I need opinions please. TIA
  2. BH hands down! : )
  3. Another vote for BH. I thought BV for awhile, but after seeing the BH around on so many people, I think it looks better and looks more functional because you can reach your stuff. Good luck deciding! They're both great bags.
  4. I like the bv-it looks great and I don't see it as often as the bh. I know I'm in the minority, though!
  5. You might want to consider that a BV will actually help you appear taller because of the longer lines, and the BH might accentuate your short height. In the end, you should also consider what is most comfortable for you.
  6. lainie63- Nah...I liked BV better, too, actually...

    But honestly, I think it depends on how much you carry. A BH would be much better if you carry a lot...and probably if you go in and out of your bag, frequently (hint: good school bag). A vertical might be hard to reach in and out of...but I still like the look of it better (fits my figure better, too).
  7. BH!!!!!

    its on my list
  8. i prefer the Horizontal. the Vertical is so long that it looks disproportionate on me, and i'm only 5'4". it makes me look even shorter. i love my Horizontal :love:!
  9. The BV is pretty long, IMO, I like the BH better.
  10. For me, BH. It's such a convenient bag to use!
  11. i was debating on the same thing too! i like the BV until i actually went to the LV boutique to try it out. It was then apparent that the BH was more suitable for me. All this while i thought the BH would be too wide on me, but it doesn't seem so. Definitely go see the bags in person.

    i'm also 5'3" btw....
  12. BH! I think it's easier to stuff things into. I also like it because a wide bag plays with the eye and makes your ownself look less wide :biggrin:
  13. BV, I just bought one
  14. hmmm......BH
  15. I personally prefer the BV- the BH just seems too shallow.