Which is best: Batignolles Vertical or cabas piano?


Which bag?

  1. Cabas Piano

  2. Batignolles Vertical

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  1. I looking for a versital shoulder bag. I like them both alot. I do like the BV over BH (I find it to wide).Its new and fresh and can hold alot of stuff. The leather bottom on the cabas piano does not bother me and I like the fact that it zips close. I cannot make up my mind.
  2. i like the cabas piano, for some reason the BV and BH do not appeal to me
  3. I would say cabas piano, especially since the bottom doesn't scare you!
  4. I also like the cabas piano although I have the BH and I love it (but it doesn't appeal to you so..) I have the cabas mezzo and I love it too, so the piano is just the smaller version and I would get it also. BV doesn't appeal to me either.
  5. cabas piano. the shape is classy and it can be zipped up. like hfxshopgirl, the BV and BH don't appeal to me either.
  6. Cabas piano....I also had the same question in my mind. I prefer the cabas piano because it has a full zipper; I'd get paranoid not being able to zip up my bag fully...
  7. If the cabas piano bottom doesn't bother u and since u like the zip...go for it! I'm liking the BV a bit more these days, especially after seeing it on someone in another thread...wish I had the height for it though...
  8. I have the BV and the only drawback is that there is no zipper closure. Other than that I love it! And it's probably the LV bag I get the most compliments on.
  9. neither. i like the Batignolles Horizontal more :lol:. did you ever consider that?
  10. ^^I found the BH is a bit too wide too, the BV has the perfect proportion :yes::heart: It doesn't bother me that there is no zipper closure, the BV is so deep and fits securely under the arm:P !!
  11. I have the BV and love it; it is especially good for a flying; easy to get in and out of, plus I am not scared to put it underneath the seat in front of me for take off/landing.