which is/are you favourite spy/ies?

  1. share!
  2. When I saw this thread and opened it I felt like I was having a dejavu. Was this thread here before or refreshed? I'm going crazy..too much tfp.

    Its hard to say which spy I like the best out of what I have (only 3) because it generally depends on my mood. However I might have a special fondness for my blueberry......................shhh don't tell the others....

    Besides that from the ones I don't have but lust over are the corded cherry..and for a while the gray wisteria. I think those are the two I desperately want, if I could I'd probably get most of the colors/styles:biggrin: Like chocolate..Baglady's Liz...errmm..you get the idea.
  3. was there a thread like this before....? oops...?

    but while we are at this, mine would be the liz (as baglady calls it, i think this term is catching on!), the silver base with gold wash (do you call this silver?), and the brown with sequins!

    i only have the silver!
  4. I like all the nappa spies but if I had to choose I would love the matching honey wisteria spy and shoes. However it's not a colour I would ever wear and I wouldn't know what to wear with the honey so I would probably never buy it.

    My favourite spy? At the moment would be the blueberry. I think it helps that I have the matching shoes. There isn't really any other spy that appeals to me a lot now. My next purchase will probably be chanel but we'll see. :p
  5. ^^ Thats the thing, I like several spys or other bags that I think are gorgeous but I could never wear them. So I don't want to buy them, however painful it may be. At the moment I have one bag thats like that, its gorgeous but I can't wear it! Can't sell it either because its gorgeous! So bottom line, buy what you'll wear, regardless of how much you love it and want to stare at it without wearing it.:rolleyes:
  6. I only have one so it is my favorite the cherry corded. But I would like to get the Grey Wisteria but am afraid that it would get dirty easily and ruined. But I keep looking at it on jomashop hoping it will sell out so I dont have to worry about buying it anymore, but not really wanting it to sell out just incase I can ever get it.
  7. ^LOL I am the same. I hope Joma sells out cos I will buy it once I get the money!
  8. Saich's Cherry Corded Spy.
  9. After having owned Wisteria in honey, Metallic, Fortuny and Cognac, my vote is for Cognac! Personally, I live in jeans and find that Cognac goes really well with denim (plus I can't get enough of the worn leather look!:heart:). Of course, the ultimate score for me would be Cognac with sequins but, alas, my money tree is yet to bloom.:sad:
  10. I'm definitely going to be in the minority here, but my fave is my patent spy. I love all of my spys, but I think the patent is just a stunning bag, and it holds the shape of the spy really well, which I love. :heart:
  11. I've consistently loved my Petrol Spy the best, but that my change when a certain super scrumptious Cherry Spy from a super fine lady lands in my greedy clutches :graucho:
  12. girl, you're outta control! ;):heart:

    i love petrol, cherry, the purple velvet with pearls (like Mischa's) and the two-tone (acadia?) styles. but my ultimate love is for the green:heart:which i hope to find someday
  13. :roflmfao:"bagamist" - love it!!!

    Well, I only have one Spy - the Nappy Zucca from Joma - and I must confess that it's not only my CURRENT favorite, I am loving it more than my Chloe paddy's!
  14. Honey Spy in nappa for me - closely followed by the Cognac :heart:
  15. i am loving the spalmati spy....it is just too cute, before that it was the zucca spy that i got. i never thought i would ever be able to get one, so i just put it in the back of my mind...now that i know it is possible, i am being sooooo greedy! :p