which is a more popular LINDY size?

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Lindy size you adore

  1. lindy 26

  2. lindy 30

  3. lindy 34

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. hi

    will just like to know which size is more popular..:smile:
  2. may I know why???.........just innocently curious .........

    IMO, I think all of the sizes are popular.........it really comes down to personal tastes .......some likes their bags big, some likes their bag small.........
  3. For me I like size 30.
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    I'm 5'2 and recently purchased a lindy 30. but i think the 34 looks great as well!! or the 26 is really cute
  5. 30 is perfect
  6. 26 suits my frame but I like bigger bags, so 30. :smile:
  7. 30 is perfect : ) not too small, not too big!
  8. For my frame, 5'4 I like the 30 :smile: really depends on your lifestyle too
  9. 30 gets my vote. My first H bag was a 30 lindy. :P
  10. Im 5'1.. My vote is 30..
  11. I've got bigger H bags. So for lindy, I picked the 30cm. Then I found that I always overstuffed it. Maybe a 34cm would make more sense. With that being said, I really don't mind a 26cm if it's in a fun color like Ultraviolet;)
  12. depends on your proportions and how you like the bag to look on you and how much you carry of course!! the 30 fits me fine..
  13. I like 34.....:tup::lolots:
  14. No matter in birkin or lindy, I prefer 30.
  15. Although I have size 34, I would say 30 is more popular.
    Personally, I like bigger bags so that I can 'house' more stuff.