which is a more "neutral" color in your opinion

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  1. I would be grateful for your help! I am an H newbie (not to tpf just birkins :smile: I am considering the purchase of my first 35 birkin from a reseller. i have seen the following colors IRL, but not in the leather I am considering. which would you consider more "neutral" for day to day wear? brighton blue clemence or vert anis swift? which would show less wear on the corners? thanks so much!! I really want a color bag as my first, I am a SAHM and don't need dressy evening or ladies who lunch bags (unless lunch involves a hot dog at the park with the 3 yr olds) :rolleyes:, I have lots of chanels for dressier occassions! TIA! :flowers:
  2. trishaluvslv, both brighton blue and Vert anis are great colors.
    I do not think any leather will be wear-proof if you use your bag....and it has to be that way after all....

    Have you considered Blue jean ? Orange ? Those are signature colors from Hermes .....
  3. Tough decision. I love both colors. I think from the standpoint of wear and tear, Bleu Brighton would be the more practical. Rubs on corners seem to show less on darker colors. Also, clemence is a tough "workhorse" leather with a long track record.

    But vert anis, in my opinion, goes with more colors. Some people consider it a spring/summer color but I don't. If you live in a warmer climate, vert anis is definately a year round bag. Comparing the leathers - swift hasn't been around as long as clemence and there are concerns about how it will handle wear in the long run. Most swift owners seem to like it, say they don't baby it and that it performs well.

    I really would have a tough time deciding here. Which one do you really LOVE?
  4. great points - you ladies are PROS I LOVe both colors but prefer a textured more scratch proof leather and a slouchier more casual feel. with three dogs and a three year old, scratch proof is key and i have done alot of reading and feel vert anis swift will show more of the daily stuff (like when a dogs jumps on my bag - it is inevitable - they are so naughty but cutely predictable). that being said, i have the karo and bearn key case in vert anis - mysore chevre and they have worn like steel....I think I am going to go with the brighton blue clemence - the seller is providing the original boutique receipt (alrady got it via fax and it matches all the SCP receipts I have to the smallest detail) so the documentation makes me feel comfortable! I think my first SO will be a chevre vert anis....and by the time I get it, i'll have saved up for it...thanks so much trocadero
  5. I meant to add, I live in Arizona so pretty much any color works year round for day! I wear alot of jeans and in suits/dresses tend to wear more grey's and browns than black. I also wear alot of coral, orange and greens! My coloring is dark brown hair and light blue eyes....Blue is MY COLOR! I am thinking the brighton blue would look great with my brown Escada pant suit and a white men's style shirt!
  6. Glad I could help. And glad to hear you already have a pop of vert anis!
  7. Bleu Brighton is lovely, but I am biased because my first birkin was a bb in clemence. I have found that it works very well with my SAHM mum wardrobe and lifestyle, so good luck!

    Hmmm, love Vert Anis too though. So many colours so little cash!
  8. My first birkin was a blue jean 35cm in clemence and I used it all the time! It wore really well. there was a little bit of fading on the corners, but I know the spa can dye them to look new again.

    I'm partial towards blue so vote for the BB. I think you'd love it:yes::heart:
  9. I am also partial to blues!!
  10. I am glad to get votes for the bb clemence, thank you trocadero, eliselady and mnpurselover....I don't want to be worried when I use it or baby it....I think i'll chase down a vert anis twilly or scarf when I need that extra pop of color...life is too short to wear beige! I think that is my new motto! Besides, living in the desert, we are surrounded by beige day in and day out! :yes: cheers! i'll post pics as soon as the deal is done and she has made her arrival! thank you!
  11. Congrats and we look forward to seeing pics of your new baby:yes::heart:
  12. Love that.....:smile:

    I also vote for BB. Love the blues and that one in particular is really pretty.
  13. Just wanted to add another vote for Brighton Blue Clemence.

    I love Vert Anis too, but in Swift it won't wear nearly as well - for your specifications as you stated them above, the Brighton will fill your needs perfectly.

    Congrats on a great choice and enjoy it!!:flowers:
  14. Sounds like you made a good choice! And I love vert as your second bag.
  15. thanks for the encouragement and help lulilu, style101, sophiekins, mnpurselover! I am so excited, :yahoo: I have been reading and researching and calling and researching some more! it'll finally pay off!