which is a good roomy bag for everday?

  1. I need a shoulder bag and I need to carry around alot of stuff, bottom should not be "delicate" and easily stained like my poor montsouris. I'm 5"4. Please help with your favorites. I was thinking Babylone, BH, BV, any others and which is more functional and easeir to lug around and dig out stuff out of. Thanks.
  2. I would go with the BV, it's very deep and has lots of space for everything ! A lot of ladies here are avid fans of the BH, but it's a personal preference thing - try them both on, you'll like one ! :biggrin:
  3. Petit noe, I use mine almost every day! However, you should know it does not have interior pockets.
  4. I like the BH. Welcome to the forum :biggrin:
  5. I love the style of the babylone, to me it looks very luxurious.
  6. From the good old Mono Canvas I prefer the Batignolles Horizontal. :love:
    Maybe the Saleya MM/GM or the Chelsea in Damier?
  7. i love the cabas piano and the BV
  8. Batignolles Horizontal. It's a great everyday bag. It's light, wears comfortably on the shoulder, and holds tons. It's also a great looking bag.
  9. BH Baby
  10. I vote for the BH.
  11. I think I'm leaning towards the BH. Does anyone have the babylone? Is it awkward to carry?
  12. :yes: the Batignolles Horizontal would be a great everyday bag

    how about the Popincourt Haut?
  13. Is BH too big to go shopping with?
  14. ^^I think the BH is a perfect shopping bag!
  15. How about Petit Noe in epi?
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