Which is a good resilient bag out of the Mulberry Rio and LV Bagnitolles Hor for work

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  1. Hello, Ive a mini dilemma. Every year I buy a new work bag and by the end of the year, my bags always look a bit worse the wear. So I would like to buy a really good one, once and for all that will last me a good while.

    Im just thinking of these two choices and Im looking for something that looks good, is classy and a bit different and also long wearing and long lasting, as it will be dragged in the train every day and also something that wont get dirty too easily.

    My choices of two are the LV Bagnitolles Horizontelle or the Mulberry Rio in Coconut Weave.

    Ill be buying these next year anyway and I wont be buying the Mulberry for its full price as it would be cheaper then.

    I would love to know which of these youd think would fit the bill.

    thanks so much everyone
    BH.jpg Mulberry Rio.jpg
  2. I love the horizontal....that is my next purchase. I promise!
  3. I see posts about the horizontal all the time. I know its not as heavy as the mulberry and from experience LV lasts for ever. You can ask my 18 year old speedy!
  4. Mulberry is impeccable in quality, but they are soooo heavy !

    I'd go with the batignolles horizontal for work, mostly cause it'd be lighter and it's very durable and lasting.
  5. I love my LV Bat. Horizontal for work. It's a great work bag because it's big enough to hold files or a laptop, it's light and it's comfortable to wear over the shoulder. IMO, this bag is going to become an LV classic.
  6. since you can buy just one, i'd go for the Lv one, you can match that with everything and, as said before, is less heavy!
  7. LV, no contest!
  8. LV without a question!!!!
  9. My votes for the LV too.
  10. Bh LV! Much more classy and timeless, IMO.
  11. i vote the LV!!
  12. I concur!
  13. Thanks everyone.

    It was more the Mulberry smaller version (I think its called the Rosemary) and not the heavier Roxanne. But as you all say, the LV seems to win hands down. :biggrin:
  14. The Bat seems like it'd be a great choice to match with the more casual-conservative dress that work requires. Plus it's great with casual clothes as well.
  15. I vote for the BH, it'll last forever and the canvas will be more durable and easier to clean than leather. So many people have posted how great the BH is.