Which is a better value?

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  1. I've been debating lately which type of bag is more worth it for the price. For example, say I want to spend around $600 for a bag... and I could get a well known designer bag like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci etc. in a fabric or canvas material for that price... but with leather trim where you're paying a lot for the name and the well known quality of the bag... or a bag from a lesser known designer such as botkier, bulga, gustto, kooba, kale, etc... where the bag would be all leather but coming from somewhere that it isn't as well known how good the quality of the bag would be... anyone have any opinions on which type they would prefer and why?
  2. I am going to be totally honest, I own LV Damier bags, Gucci canvas, and Fendi Canvas bags and find them almost indestructible.....have used them for years, and they still look the same as when I bought them, Prada Tessuto is another incredible material., on the other hand, I have literally killed some leather bags you mentioned after only one season of use.
    Hope this helps:heart:H
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  3. I would get a leather bag, try Hayden Harnett, the materials, craftmanship and style are absolutely wonderful! The on line Labor Day sale is coming up and you can probably get two bags with $600.
  4. Thanks for both of your help.. I have some LV, Fendi, Gucci and they've been holding up great but I don't want to get a similarly priced bag from a newer designer that will fall apart after a few months of wear... Also I'd heard of HH and I haven't ordered anything from them yet but I was considering it since I've read so many things on here about people really loving their bags and they seem more affordable than some of the other names I listed.:smile:
  5. Probably not what you're asking for, but I recently found out that the famous LV canvas is made of PVC. So yeah I guess the high price is mainly for the brand name.
  6. You can find luxury leather bags for $600. I have bought them <$1000 before! The outlet (like Gucci and Prada) can have leather pieces at a discount that can fit your budget.
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  7. I can’t justify spending a lot of money on canvas. I know it’s so practical and indestructible but I’m super happy with a longchamp tote for that. Now a nice leather bag... I can justify a lot for one of those. I agree you can find a nice leather bag for <$1000 through outlets/sales. Contemporary brands have some lovely leathers including coach 1941 and longchamps.