Which is a better looking bag? Kooba or Rebecca Minkoff?


What is a nicer grey bag?

  1. Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in Charcoal

  2. Kobba Lena in Slate

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  1. I own the Kooba Lena in slate , I have not opened it yet...
    but I just saw the Rebecca Minkoff morning after mini in charcoal and I am smitten. Do I sell off the Lena and buy the Morning After? Which is a better looking bag and will last longer? I cna not post a pic of the Kooba, just hoping you can find it if you googe it. Bag Borrow or Steal has it up.

    I tend to like shoulder bags but I also like that Rebecca makes hers in the USA- NYC no less!
  2. Well, I may be biased because I recently ordered that same RM bag :yahoo:

    I googled the Kooba Lena. I had a few Koobas but either sold them or returned them. I know they have a large fan base on the forum, but I found them to be heavier than I'd like, plus they just didn't do it for me.

    I'm sure you will be happy with whichever one you choose. Good luck deciding!!!
  3. Here is a pic of the Slate lena..[​IMG]

    I voted for this, because I have a few Kooba bags, including a Bark Lena, and I find them to be well made, and I love the belted design of the lena. :yes:
  4. I prefer the Rebecca Minkoff because I like the cleaner lines.
  5. Slate Lena!!!
  6. The lena looks more trendy and younger whilst the other brand looks rather basic. That said I like the lena plus it looks larger and the other one looks too small for my taste :smile: But I think in the end it's on what you prefer.
  7. chalk another one up for kooba!
  8. Kooba. It has loads more personality, and is not as ... plastic-y looking as the RM.
  9. rebecca minkoff...it's a beautiful color and is just an amazing bag!!
  10. I have the Lena in honey and it's never been my favorite 'cause it's always smelled fishy. I don't know if it's only that color though, or what the problem is. I just ordered a RM Matinee. I think I prefer RM, although I don't technically own one yet! The Lena is actually quite heavy.
  11. I really like the look of the morning after bag but I don't care for it in the two-tone (but I did read a post that said it was gorgeous IRL, so I could be really wrong). The lena in slate is really pretty.
  12. Kooba!
  13. Although I'm a RM fan and truly love and own the MA (regular), this Charcoal color got beat by Slate Lena.
  14. I love the RM morning after mini, I hadn't seen the charcoal one, now I want one!
  15. I like the Morning After mini. Cute and classy, IMO. The Kooba's nice, too, but "Kooba" means "hunchback" in Tagalog (language in the Philippines), so I can't bring myself to like them too much. :p