Which is a better investment? Chanel or Rolex?

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  1. Hi guys. I’ve been wanting a Rolex for quite some time now. I don’t know too much about them Rolex. All I know is like the look of them and they are good investment But in comparison to Chanel are they better investment or worst? I know all there is to know when it comes to Chanel but when it comes to Rolex I’m clueless. Do they retained they value like Chanel classic flaps? Or when I get bored w the watch down the road I will lose a significant amount of money? The watch I’m considering is the Datejust w the Roman dial.

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  2. I love my Rolex and I think it’s great investment! Enjoy her every single day and never get bored while change my Chanel bags daily...:blush:
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  3. Always Rolex.
  4. In my opinion a Rolex would be a good investment. I have a Rolex and wear mine everyday, and you can always try and get a chanel next. Enjoy
  5. Buy the watch to enjoy it. Regardless if you lose money, you’ve worn it and enjoyed it for years when the time comes to sell it. Having said that, Rolex are timeless and do hold value well.
  6. Rolex ..... and you can insure it through Jewelers Mutual. My only regret is not getting it sooner.
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  7. Rolex. While both retain their value relatively well, it’s easier to keep a watch to ‘looking new’ compared to a bag. And base on this, in my opinion, a Rolex will retain its value better.
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  8. Rolex but not the Datejust. That's what everyone has.
    Get one from the "hard to get" like GMT Master II or Daytona, Yachtmaster, Sea Dweller and they sell more than retail.
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  9. People really need to stop acting like buying Chanel or Gucci bags are investments in their finifical futures. The CF medium will soon be $6000 a bag, no one is paying those prices on the second-hand market. Even the great Hermes Birkin and Kelly will eventually falter off in price if they aren't exotics.
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  10. Historically, the Rolex has a better resale value. But I don't consider either to be "investments" and wouldn't make my decision based on that.
  11. Rolex watches hold their value very well, but it depends on the model. For the datejust model, the ones with blue faces and fluted bezels hold their value fairly well for a non-professional model. Even better would be a professional model like the Submariner or GMT II. The most sought after professional models in stainless steel are the Daytona, GMT II Batman (black/blue bezel); GMT II Pepsi (blue/red bezel); and the Sky Dweller. Most of these models I just mentioned are sold on an "allocation" basis. Basically, you just can't go into an authorized dealer and buy them since they reserve/allocate these watches for customers with a good purchase history. They are all available from reputable third party sellers for a heavy premium over MSRP. You should be able to order a Sub (especially the no-date model) with a short waiting period. Many authorized dealers will tell you they cant get you a Sub... they can. Just make sure they know you are a serious buyer and will repeat with a future purchase. Also, make sure they don't think you are a reseller, as most AD's don't like that. Lastly, the men's models tend to hold their value well (the new 40/41mm models especially). I have a 36mm DateJust that I no longer wear, but is perfect for my wife. I hope this helps. My wife loves Chanel and I love watches... both brands are very similar as certain models are harder to find and more sought after than others.
  12. Definitely Rolex - buy a watch from a watchmaker!
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  13. The problem is they are so much harder to get than Chanel! Been eyeing one for a while in particular a sub or gmt Pepsi but I don’t know if want to fork out such a huge premium for it lol
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  14. Rolex... I have a rolex submarine blue that I wear everyday but my Chanel bags sit most of the time in my closet specially the jumbo - too heavy.
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  15. Any Chanel fan knows you’re not going to get 100% money back but at least if your dropping 6k on a bag I’d like to know that can get most of my money back (depending on the condition). I would not drop 3k on a Gucci knowing they are only worth a few hundreds down the road when you get bored w it. Investment doesn’t necessarily means ur making money of the bag.
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