Which is a better everyday bag? lg Ultimate soft tote in black or Modern chain tote ?

  1. Is the modern chain tote very heavy?
  2. I really love the Modern Chain, I am still upset I passed on it :sad: I have an ultimate soft and its alot smaller than the modern chain (at least the one i have is) I love the modern chain especially the glazed one

    Its really personal preference, both are gorgeous you cant go wrong, GOOD LUCK!! :smile:
  3. I love the modern chain N/S tote, I purchased it a couple of months ago and I get pleny of everyday use out of it!
  4. I loooove the MC glazed leather. Not so much the normal matte leather though. I've heard it can be heavy though, so definitely try before you buy.

    The Ultimate Soft is GORGEOUS! Although I can't say I know if I've seen the tote version. I've seen the little hobo one though. Not so much a daily wear bag as I've heard the lambskin is quite delicate...
  5. It is heavy, but the weight keeps it secure on my shoulder, so that it never slips.
  6. this is very tough as i adore both! :love:you have great taste....:p
    the ultimate soft is def a bit lighter though if that is the deciding factor. good luck!:tup:
  7. I love the Modern Chain E/W Tote so I'll vote for that.
  8. the ultimate soft is soo soft and pretty and the slouch is perfect! both the bigger version and the smaller version! that's my vote for an everyday bag because of its lush soft leather and lightness! who says you can't use a soft bag for everyday? =]
  9. I have the mc and it is the best bag ever. It is spacious and chic. It can be a little heavy but not heavier than a chloe paddington for example.

  10. When the bag is full does the chain dig into your shoulder? Weird ?'s I know. For $2750 I don't want to use it once and regret buying it.
  11. You know, heavy is relative to one's muscular strength and endurance, the latter meaning to be able to carry the bag for extended periods of time. I don't find the MC to be heavy at all but others do. The chain is very thick, flat and comfortable - no digging in.
  12. ^^ I have to admit, it's the heaviest bag I own. When I wear it for while, I forget, but then when I change bags, I am reminded of the difference. I agree, the chain is thick, flat and very comfortable though. It really is a great bag.
  13. I agree!! plus it's so chique..I have the E/W tote and it's the best tote ever!! Love it!
  14. I love the ultimate!! It's so pretty and light!
  15. If you need your "everyday bag" to tote around business documents/folders (potentially a laptop, etc.), then I'd go with the Modern Chain. Even though the dimensions of the large Ultimate Soft seem more than sufficient to fit a business document/folder, the unstructured nature of that bag really isn't built to carry structured things or heavy things IMO. That said, if you don't plan on using the bag for carrying documents/papers, then the Ultimate Soft can be quite practical as well. I have to say though that I did find the Modern Chain tote quite heavy when I tried it on, but I think it's still manageable once you get used to it.