Which is a better bag? (pics)

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  1. Hi-I just bought these bags on bluefly.com and got really good deals. Haven't received them yet...but just curious which one is better of the two. This will be my first Gucci and I really wanted a timeless/classic bag.

    The first one is the Gucci Black Canvas Abbey Medium Hobo and the second is the Gucci Black Small Leather Wave Hobo

    Thanks :smile:

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  2. congratulations on your 1st Gucci!!! I like the wave hobo... :woot:
  3. oohh...I'm partial to the first bag..the abbey as I have it in the classic g pattern with the gold/platinum trim.
    this bag is beautiful, and so classic!!!
  4. I love the wave hobo :yes:
  5. I like the wave hobo. I love the leather!
  6. I like them both! You get the best of both worlds because of the canvas and the leather at great deals!
  7. I like the Abbey, it's so " GUCCI"

  8. Haha, I can only keep one! :smile:
  9. I like them both, but you'll know which one when you see them! both are classy and timeless.
  10. I like the style of the wave hobo, but the pattern on the abbey!
  11. I like my leather bags most :yes:
  12. IMO the gucci wave hobo is a better first bag - you will get more wear out of it too. Then again, i have to agree with beejerry that the monogram fabric / abbey family is so " gucci"!!! hard choice.........
  13. The wave...I like the shape...But they're both nice congrats on the good deals :smile:
  14. i'm a hobo type of girl so my vote is for the wave hobo. You're gonna love the leather on it!!!
  15. i have the abbey in a light pink suade and i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it! :smile: it is so comfy and seriously is HOT HOT HOT...id choose that one :smile: