Which iPhone case do you have?

  1. I have a gel case. It's not as hard as a hardcase but there won't be cracks if I drop it. I don't like silicone cases just cause it attracts a lot of dust and hair.
  2. I had that problem too. I had my phone in a hard case, and sure enough, fine scratches on the back and even the chrome. No more hard cases for me! I'm paranoid about scratches because when the new version comes out, I'll be selling the phone, so I want it as pretty as possible. Currently, I have an Invisible Shield on the front and back. I dropped the phone accidently, and no scratches, even on the film itself.
  3. The otter defender is a hard case with a rubber outer skin. My DH has one and it's been superperfect! He used to have a soft rubber case and that lasted about 2 months. He's had the otter for over a year and it's still like new!
  4. I guess the otter box is more for men. I personally do not like the look of it, but sure enough it does protect the phone from drops.
  5. The invisible shield is a wonderful protection for the phone as it prevents it from key scratches also. But I had a friend who used it for her first generation iphone, the shield turned yellow over time.
  6. Jelly cases are wonderful!!! They're a stronger material than silicone and over time it doesn't stretch, what bothers me the most is when the silicone grips into my pocket when I want to pull out my phone; actually my *silicone case* is a jelly case, i didn't want to confuse others so I claim to own a silicone case lol!
  7. Eeek! If that happens, thankfully I can just peel it off :smile: I'll keep an eye out for that. One thing that does bug me about the shield is the orange-peel effect. You can't notice it when using the phone, but it still bugs me. I'll keep it on the back if anything and replace the front with whatever clear screen protector I find.
  8. okay its decided im getting a silicone case.. im scared that the hard case will scratch my iphone
  9. I got the CaseCrown Polycarbonate Glider Slim Fit Case: http://www.amazon.com/CaseCrown-iPhone-Soft-Polycarbonate-Glider/dp/B002IGD0NI/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=wireless&qid=1273526660&sr=1-3

    I really like it a lot. I liked that it's feels almost like suede, not like the other hard plastic cases out there. The case comes in two parts and on the inside of the case ther's a felt piece that doesn't scratch the back of your phone. The color is also very pretty, it's more of a metallic magenta instead of purple.

    I haven't dropped my phone (knock on wood!!!) so I'm not sure how it holds up from that.
  10. I use a silicone case from iSkin - Revo case. It fully covers up the phone and only shows the screen. There's even a plastic removable cover to protect the screen but I don't use it anymore.
  11. My friend cant live without her iphone and shes's always carrying it. So, I thought will give her a luxurious or fancy iphone sleeve or pouch for Christmas. Im not sure as to where to get this as I dont have an iphone hahaha?! Help pls :biggrin:
  12. ReMecca Minkoff has really nice ones check Bloomingdales or Nordstroms online.
  13. Im liking the RM. LV is always luxurious but too expensive for an iphone case. Thank you girls!