Which iPhone case do you have?

  1. Cute as a cupcake today!

    (I can't be the only one that changes my case everyday, right? :-P)
    image-2754209715.jpg image-3826702120.jpg image-1550394568.jpg
  2. Karmallory!

    I was just on vacation recently and the first thing my girlfriends told me before leaving was to change my case! They wanted a smooth check-in process at the airport and I don't blame 'em! I get a lot of compliments on it and it's definitely a conversation starter! I always change it when I'm going to certain places though!
  3. Just bought a blue hard gel case for my iPhone. I have the iPhone 3 so it's hard to find cute cases for it.
  4. Oooo I want this case now! It looks so good with the white iPhone!
  5. Awww everything I go to Walmart and I look at the iPhone cases I wish I had a 3G iPhone....mainly cuz they have this day of the dead skull case but it's just for the 3G!!!!!
  6. It's so freaking cute on. The Apple website makes the hearts look beige but it's actually an off-white that's super close to the phone's colour!
  7. Amazon!
    They have the current Speck candyshell for the 4S (the universal one) in tons of colors for as low as $9. I've bought 2 from Amazon for super cheap (purple w/pink and pink w/green).
  8. The Amazon ones unless you buy direct from Speck's page on there are usually fake. Just an FYI.
  9. didn't know that and definitely ordered one :sad:
  10. Just got another case... I also have case add.. It's do bad this is like # 27... It's handmade.. A hot pink slider case with gunmetal studs... ; ) .. I really like it! Maybe this one will stick for awhile.
    image-1036135864.jpg image-3369227262.jpg
  11. I swapped cases this morning and remembered to snap a picture.

    Here's my Romero Britto case. He's one of my favorite pop artists.


    And here's my hand-painted Snow White case. :love:

  12. i love this case!! where did u get it?
  13. Uncommon .. www.getuncommon.com