Which iPhone case do you have?

  1. Why don't you like it? I just got my husband the purple one and I am waiting for the teal color to come out for myself. Is yours breaking or something?
  2. i just think about purchasing the lifeproof for me and my bf, is it hard to take it off though? because i do like to switch between cases and i don't like the hassle of some cases that's hard to take off
  3. In my opinion it's not hard to remove the lifeproof case. My DH likes to always leave his on though. When I get mine, I plan on removing it occasionally when I want to use my Michael Kors iPhone wallet.
  4. thanks :smile:
  5. I don;t like the lifeproof case because I think it's big, clunky and hideous. I don't like the front part of the cover.

  6. oh is it that big? i've only seen this on my friend's at a glance and did not have time to look at it carefully, i just like the idea of waterproof etc but not as "heavy looking" as the otterbox one
  7. DH loves the OtterBox case. I love mine too but it's the commuter series and not as clunky as the Defender series.....but then mine isn't as heavy duty.
  8. Hmm. I always saw the lifeproof case as the slimmest! But maybe the 1st gen lifeproof case was bulky? I have only purchased the 2nd gen. I was just excited to be able to take it underwater and take pictures :p
  9. that's why I ask ame because she said the lifeproof is bulky, but I don't remember seeing my friend's as bulky
    when you said you take your iphone underwater to take pic only wanted me to get it more!!!
  10. It's as bulky as the otterbox defender but is waterproof. I think they're both too bulky.
  11. This Rabito case
  12. I'm using this cute uncommon case ^_^
  13. Currently using my VS pink case.
  14. I saw those at Nordstrom. If they made a version without ears or tail I'd buy it ;)
  15. Yeah, I have case a.d.d. LOL she's all dressed up today!
    image-2181372853.jpg image-3202636695.jpg image-3628570393.jpg