Which iPhone case do you have?

  1. My case is so boring compared to all of yours.

  2. I had to have my defender replaced 3xs cause it stretched. Im thinking of getting a candy shell or some other type of case....
  3. I have tons. Even trying to sell some of mine. LOL. I'm currently using my otter box defender-pink and white.
  4. Ooo so pretty.
  5. Target has a few Candy Shells. Same price though as online. And obviously online you have lots of colors. My targets only have the pale yellow and a purple and a blue I think.

    I like the Casemate Pops!
  6. Our local TJ Maxx has some candy shells for $6.99! Unfortunately they are the def style that will only fit the AT&T iPhone.
  7. Are they made differently? I thought all iPhone 4/4S were the same. All my cases say "iPhone 4/4s AT&T and Verizon".
  8. They are all made the same now, but didn't used to be. The ATT version was different from the Verizon version til the 4s came out. The buttons won't line up on the old version.
  9. While the case are now "universal", meaning they only sort of fit all the models, the phone sizes and specs are different for each carrier and between models.
  10. thought it would be fun to post my entire collection of iphone cases... I have more technically but they are up for sale.. LOL Heres what Im keeping tho.
    53b72a63.jpg otterboxes.jpg
  11. Just got the OtterBox Commuter case in purple and white. Wasn't sure if I would like the white trim but it's actually a nice case. Very happy with it. It is somewhat clunkier than the Speck case I had for my iPhone 4 but the OtterBox is very sturdy. Which what I want since my Speck case cracked in half and I am so NOT rough with my phone.
  12. All very nice cases. I am using the black Lifeproof case, but I don't really like it. :sad:
  13. Does anyone have any tips on how to remove a hard 2 piece, snap on case? I can't get mine off, it's literally stuck on.
  14. Use a credit card. Sometimes they are tough to get off.
  15. Or use a coin? Thy way you don't go tearing up any cards. Usually with those cases theres a small spot where you can insert a plastic card or coin to help you crack it open. Or if you have those kiosk at your mall that sell like a million phone cases you might ask if they have a small "tool" to get those cases off. Usually it's just a hard small piece of plastic (like a credit card).