Which iPhone case do you have?

  1. cant wait
  2. here my case:biggrin:
    Photo 48.jpg
  3. I have a purple Speck candy shell case currently. But I'm really yearning for the new Tokidoki/Hello Kitty case that is about to be released.
  4. pink speck candy shell case :smile:

  5. You can never be too old for Hello Kitty! :tender:
  6. ^awww thanks! maybe I shouldn't feel too old then. LOL!

    I'm looking into purchasing that!!! i love the material! hmmm.
  7. Wanted to share my loot on my recent trip! I love them all! I know I went abit mad but.. they are gorgeous!:p
    8730_1121477643360_1419651981_281601_2360618_n.jpg 8730_1121477763363_1419651981_281604_6327051_n.jpg 16568_1139968905630_1419651981_325342_3385108_s.jpg 16568_1139968945631_1419651981_325343_250763_n-1.jpg 16568_1139969105635_1419651981_325347_8275911_n.jpg
  8. oh my.. i love them... where u get them? how miuch r they?.
  9. london dolly-OMGGGGGGGG i love em!!! where did you get them all?
  10. i finally got a iSkin Solo FX and am wanting the iSkin Solo FX SE!!!
  11. My main cases are the LV mono 3G case and a metallic red slider case by incase.
  12. I have the plain old pink rubber one that is falling to PIECES! I need a new case ASAP.
  13. I bought one at the AT&T store yesterday when I got my phone. It's a basic black sleeve, very soft leather but it's a structured case. And it was 50% off, so I'm pleased.
  14. Incipio Feather case - I love it because it is slim, yet protective.

    I had an incase slider case before and found it too bulky.