Which iPhone case do you have?

  1. Hiiiii iPhone owners! I just recently upgraded to a 3GS 32GB!!! yay! :biggrin:

    I'm currently trying to find the PERFECT case for it! I was just wondering...which iPhone case do PF'ers have? Maybe I can get some ideas!

    Please tell me which case you have and any suggestions would be great!

    Thanks ;)
  2. I have a white hard plastic agent18 case. I got it at Marshalls for like $5.
  3. I order my cases from www.dealsniper.com
    They have some of the prettiest colored cases ever & for a great price.
    I like (& order) the ones that allow the apple symbol to show.

    As far as durability, at first, the cover didn't appear to be very durable until I actually dropped my phone oneday :sad:
    ...the case cracked a tad bit on one of the corners but nothing happened to my phone or the rest of the case.
  4. iSkin Revo2
  5. i have a magenta hard case from incase.
  6. capsule rebel cherry.jpg
  7. Louis Vuitton 3G
  8. iSkin solo fx
  9. None yet, like you I just got the 32GB GS I bought two cases but didn't really like them, so no case for now. I checked LV but they are sold out in europe it seems they are working on a new model or is this a rumor ?
  10. I got the Mophie case with an extended battery. It's a bit bulky but so far so good. I like that you can turn on the extra battery when you need to & turn it off when you don't need to.
  11. show us yr case.....mine is a handmade nintnedo gameboy case
  12. Right now...I have an Hello Kitty Case from Target $10! Amazing material! I feel like I'm a little too old for it though. LMAO!

    I would like to get an incase slider or ifrogz. not sure yet...i really want an Damier LV one!!!
  13. I want an LV one too :biggrin:
  14. I have like 10 different cases for my iphone I'll take a pic when I get home tonight of all of them