which ink bag should i get?


which ink bag should i get?

  1. twiggy

  2. purse

  3. hobo

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  1. which ink bag should i get, and anyone know where they are in stock?:flowers:
  2. get the purse, the purse, the puuuuuuuuuuurse :yes:
  3. twiggy...I just got one..:graucho: :heart: :love:
  4. Definitely get the Purse!
  5. Hmmm I'd say twiggy!
  6. Twiggy or purse, both fabulous in Ink!
  7. thanks everyone :flowers: my apologies, i accidentally posted my above question twice.:shame:
  8. I know where you can get a gorgeous twiggy. hee hee
  9. Are you really selling yours?
  10. I would say twiggy or purse. I voted twiggy though because I'm still searching for one myself.
  11. Im thinking if the city isnt a choice, I'd say twiggy.
  12. Twiggy, hands down!!!!
  13. Yes ma'am!
  14. thanks everyone for voting :flowers: here's my ink twiggy :love:

  15. CONGRATS! Very nice! Doesn't look veiny at all.