Which initials to hot stamp?

  1. If I buy a cosmetic case, I'd like to hot stamp one initial -- should I do my first name "C" for Carolyn or my last name "P"??

    If I hot stamp in the inside of a Koala wallet, should I do "CP" or "CAP" ??

  2. I think CP is better than CAP
  3. I prefer "C" not "P"
    and "CP" instead of "CAP"
  4. Will "P" always be your last name? Are you married or single? Or will keep your maiden name as your last name regardless of martial status?

    As for including your middle intial, do you usually include it when you have to sign or initial something? (I always use my three initials "AGR" because my middle name is actually my maiden name. So in my mind AGR is me, not AR. Know what I mean?)

    Not expecting you to answer here, just questions for you to help you decide.

    Hope that helps!:biggrin:
  5. I Would Do All Three ~ Unless As "Virgo" ^ Said ~ Your Last Inital Will Change....Than I Would Stick With Your 1st
  6. Thanks all! I kinda like the "C" vs. the "P" so will do that.

    Married name is "P" and it should stay that way! LOL

    I think I'll go with CAP -- mainly because I do sign things that way, plus my hubby's nickname is "Cappy" or "Cap" and it's always been kinda fun my initials became his name when I married him.

    I guess I've always thought as a monogram as 3 letters, although to me, the middle letter should be the last name -- like CPA but because it sounds like I'm a CPA, I don't ever do it that way.

    Decisions, decisions!
  7. Go with the "C" or "CP"
  8. i just got mine done, and i just did 'K'...it'll always be my first name!

  9. I agree with this suggestion too.
  10. i like the cap idea its cute and your husband can use the tag aswell
  11. I like the letter C. I think one initial looks nice.
  12. Or CAR. Short for Carolyn.

  13. I just love this picture!!! I want that bag now. :smile:
  14. I would go with "C" by itself.
  15. ^^ I agree !

    I love the luggage tag with the big K so much, augh I want to go out to buy one so I can get a big initial stamped on it ! :shame: