Which initial(s) do you use?

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  1. This is really 2 separate questions regarding the 3 initials you would use for monogramming and 1 other initial question.
    1. If/when you marry, do you keep your middle name as your middle initial and assume your husband's last name as your last initial?
    2. Do you use your maiden name as your middle initial and your husband's last name as your last initial (not hyphenated).
    3. If you wear an initial on a chain, is it for your first name or your last name (especially if you are married)?
    Just curious what is the most popular/common way women choose initials.
  2. Any monogram once you are married,if you use your combined status; Jane and Henry Smith for example.
    the wifes initial on the left,the surname initial in the middle,the husbands initial on the right. JSH. The S can be larger than the J and H.

    If you are monogramming your own personal item then traditionally your name as Jane Elizabeth Smith would be JSE. You can also use JS
  3. .....and when just using 1 initial, you can go with your first name initial OR your new last name initial.
  4. Answering questions 1 and 2, I think most people take their maiden surname as their middle name when they marry. So if Mary Jane Smith marries Joe Brown, her name becomes Mary Smith Brown, initials MSB. But I believe some folks keep their original middle name and drop their maiden surname, in which case it would be Mary Jane Brown. But there are all kinds of variations out there, just depending on individual choices.
  5. I still use my middle name and my last name is hypenated maiden then married. I don't monogram. As for just using one initial for jewelry, it would always be my first name.