Which "Indy" should i get?!

  1. hi everyone,

    i wanna get an indy bag by next week; but dunno which one z gonna be the "one" :girlsigh:.
    plz help me decide; post pics if possible or a link to refer.
    the price z opened; so no worries :upsidedown: .

  2. Ohhh i just got mine last month and i love it!! i got the black medium guccissima one... && that one is my FAV!!! i liked the ones with metal corners but it was too flashy. If you could, get the gun metal python one. YUMMMM!!!

    but here's the link to my indy http://forum.purseblog.com/gucci/my-new-indie-184314.html
  3. thnx gucci lover for sharin' ur bag! am a shorty too; perhaps i'll need to get the medium too.
  4. No problem!! Ooooo i love your black web gucci moon bag, so chic and classic!!! did you decide on which indy you're getting yet? Have fun and remember to post pics once you get it :yes:
  5. aww, sweet of u! am getting the gun metal python, the one in silver which u recommended. i searched through gucci's website and it's the perfect one for me -------> getting it this weekend :biggrin: :biggrin: and sure gonna post the pics once i snap them.
  6. OMG!!! im sooo happy for you!!! thats the ultimate INDY!!
    did you see the pics of J-Lo [jennifer lopez] carrying it?
    it's under the celebrities and gucci thread. The bag is
  7. im so jealous i love the indy. ive yet to get mine. gucci lover yours is hot. I saw a python one...thats hot too...id sooo go python!!!