which Inclusion GM bracelet do your like best?

  1. Would you get the GM in translucent or pomme?? thanks much:smile:
  2. I love the Pomme D Amour. It's cute.

  3. I vote for the translucent! :tup:
  4. i have the transparent one and i love it. i only have the Pomme d'Amour in the PM size because it's such a bright red.

    i'd say go for the transparent one. it's so unique because it's just clear all round
  5. Truthfully I'd get both because I love the inclusions, but...if you can only get one I'd go for the translucent first because it could match more things.
  6. transluscent ... because it's so big.
  7. I prefer the pomme over the transparent :smile:
  8. I say translucent! :tup:
  9. Transparent GM. It will go with more stuff.
  10. Transparent. :yes:
  11. I prefer the Pomme more. If only the clear bracelet had a white background then it would look heaps better :smile:
  12. Transparent GM!:tup:
  13. very nice...:woohoo:
  14. Transparent:tup: I tryed it on once I couldn't help it:p
  15. Transparent GM!