Which inclusion bracelet


Which inclusion bracelet

  1. Black GM

  2. Beige GM

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  1. Black GM
    Beige GM
  2. I say beige because that's what I have, but you can't go wrong with black either!
  3. Beige - I have it and it is gorgeous!
  4. Both are beautiful but I think the gold LVs and symbols stand out more in the balck
  5. My thoughts exactly ! :yes:
  6. I think beige because it looks gorgeous paired with gold (rings, link bracelets or bangles). Also the beige in real life looks stunning floating around beneath the glass (it sparkles). It is a very neutral color so you can wear it with almost any outfit. It is an everyday bangle that looks very classy.

    I am also partial because I own a beige one. But you know what? I plan on eventually getting a black one too! :choochoo:
  7. i voted black... i totally love the black one!
  8. Well..now I am more confuse :girlsigh: ..
    I agree gold lv is more visible in beige but black seems go with everything..
  9. The beige, IMO, goes with everything more because it wears like gold jewerly. Do you have an opportunity to try both on in a boutique?
  10. Don't have in the boutique close by.CS has to track it down for me..
  11. I voted beige because IMO it will go with more.:yes:
  12. OK..this pic belong to Livinluxuriously...it's pm size..black and beige..
  13. I vote beige too. You can wear it with almost any other color!!
  14. the beige! i'm thinking of getting the PM myself :yes:
  15. They Are Both So Beautiful! For Myself, I Would Buy Black.....