Which i choose?


Which one?

  1. Paddy off/white

  2. Twiggy Calcaire

  3. Twiggy Grey ( 2006 pre-spring)

  4. Edith grey

  5. Wait for June-July for the new balenciaga

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  1. I have not more my turquoise and I am thinking about buying a new bag .
    Which i choose?
  2. Oh, that is a tough call. Let me ask you this before I cast my vote: Are you in love with any of the bags that you listed? I love the off white Paddy and the Caclaire Twiggy. But if you are not really in love with any of them, then I would wait for the new fall balenciaga colors! They look divine!
  3. I loved from immediately the off white paddy even if I bought the dark grey.
    I have still a b. bag (twiggy caramel prefall05) but I would want to sell it.
    If I sell it i'll buy the white paddy and a new b. bag in summer. :love:
  4. Then I would definitely go for the white paddy- its a gorgeous bag and so perfect for summer! Enjoy it!!!
  5. I love the twiggy Calcaire. Its so pretty.
  6. I agree! :smile:
  7. i'm biased, but i for sure think the grey edith.
  8. calcaire twiggy!!!!!:love:
  9. The off white paddy is beautiful. I have one and absolutely love it.
  10. I am very partial to calcaire twiggy.... get calcaire twiggy! :nuts:
  11. :love: the off white paddy! I like the calcaire too, that would be my 2nd choice ;)
  12. Twiggy Calcaire!
  13. Calcaire Twiggy!
  14. paddy white, it looks classic. The color combination is one of the best.
  15. Have you seen that pic of Amanda Peet carrying the grey twiggy? It looks so amazing...I wish I had the pic.
    I would get the grey.