Which HW do you like best on Black Box?


Which HW do you like best with Black Box?

  1. Gold

  2. Palladium

  3. Ruthenium

  4. Guilloche

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  1. Ok, I have black box on my mind tonight? Well, every night. So I have to ask, which hardware do you like best on black box??

    Right now, I am lusting after a 28cm Sellier Black Box Kelly with Gold Hardware. But this changes all the time, especially after seeing Lucy's Kelly with the Guilloche (sp?) hardware!!!! YUM!
  2. I would probably choose palladium for myself but have lately been liking gold, too. Just a thought, if you are set on getting something in gold Togo with gold HW, maybe choose palladium for the black Kelly for a change?
  3. Regular silver palladium for me, but I still love my Guilloche Kelly!
  4. Good point GT! (as always)!!! I could definitely see you with Gold as well though especially since your birkin is PH!
  5. ^ yeah, I thought about that. I think, when it's time to buy mine, I'm going to seriously take whatever comes my way first and call it fate.
  6. There's Black Box all over the place today, Jag....no wonder you've got it on your mind. Just got a call about a sweet little Black Box Plume Elan but it's too small so I'm in the same boat as you!!!! LOVE that black Box! And that darn LUCY just keeps posting those PICTURES and tempting everyone......

    I'm lusting after a VINTAGE 28cm black Box Kelly with Gold H/w but I'd take Pall too. Most important to me is the patina and the condition of the leather.....I can be happy with almost any hardware, I think....
  7. GOLD, definitely bc it's such a timeless classic. Gold always has that "vintage" look about it esp paired w/ black box!:love:
  8. D- I know you will find your vintage beauty in no time! And I can't wait!

    I am really leaning towards Gold, but was so interested to see what everyone else loves. Black box is just one of those leathers that looks beautiful with any hardware!:love:
  9. Palladium would be a first choice for me, with ruthenium or guilloche a close second (wouldn't turn down any of those if it came to me in a 28!)

    No gold for me though - I'm strictly a silver HW gal if I have a choice... much better with my coloring and jewelry!
  10. I am normally not a gold person but I love black box with gold HW. Like Greentea, I would have taken what came my way as fate if all the other requirements were met. And my fate was gold.
  11. I do think black box looks extraordinary with gold hardware, but I am obssessed with the guilloche hardware and am kicking myself for missing out the black box 32 cm Kelly w/guilloche hardware MK had on auction awhile back. It is so beautiful!
  12. I love gold and want to get gold because my hippo cadena is gold. :flowers: But any hw would look good on black. :love:
  13. I love gold hw on black too !
  14. i wish i was lucy, to have 2 black box with guilloche and gold hardware! so pretty!
  15. gold for me