which horsebit chain hobo bag?

  1. I'm thinking of getting the large leather horsebit chain bag. I can't decide between the black or the tan. Which color do you think goes best with casual wear..like jeans and tees. thanks much
  2. i have the tan in medium chain and I absolutely LOOOOOVE it! I find it hard to match though with what I wear cuz I wear a lot of blues/pinks/fushias...I would say black might be a better choice..

    btw I'm planning to buy the black one in a couple of months too.

    hey by any chance do you know if they always have this style and in leather in stock? I called gucci today and they told me they only have one and "it's not on order" not sure what that means....
  3. yeah..I think I like the black best. I think I saw it in stock on Neimans.com
  4. hmm..yeah, as far as I know that's their classic style so I'm sure it's always available...the SA I talked probably just wanted to make a quick sale by saying that infamous "not many available..buy now!" line. LOL

    i hope you get yours soon. I can't wait to see pics! la la loooove this bag!
  5. i just checked on Neimans.com and the black is backordered until april. I might check out the Gucci store and see if they have it
  6. awww the bag went on sale in november! i was shocked that it did because none of their "classics" go on sale. I like both black and brown, but i think if i had to pick one, i would buy the brown because i have alot of black purses.

  7. really?!?! it went on sale?! OMG!
  8. I am planning on getting this bag in the spring, and while I ***KNOW*** the black is more "practical", I want the brown... I consider the brown one a classic "statement" bag, and it reminds me of my mom... she had the luggage and doctor bags, etc., when I was younger. Never goes out of style.
  9. Oh, so as for my vote/suggestion, your only solution is to get both. :smile:
  10. i would say though..the brown color pops out lots!

    here's some casual pics to give you some color visualization...
    DSC03708.JPG DSC03749.JPG
  11. ^^ i :heart: that camel/caramel color :drool: - looks good!!!
  12. Tan, definitely. Its 2die4 with the gold hardware. And the color is *muah*
  13. Hmm quite the conundrum lol. I would say go for whichever color would suite your wardrobe best. Black is very versatile but I love brown. Sorry if I'm of no help but ITA with SoxFan777 haha. :smile:
  14. cute cute cute.....hmmmm...now I think I want the brown. LOL
  15. I know - when I am standing there with both bags - I will take the black one :graucho: