Which hoodie should I get?

  1. Should I get this Primp hoodie or a Juicy terry hoodie?


  2. the hoodie is cute but i would prefer the juicy hoodie more.
  3. juicy!
  4. Errrr, Juicy!
  5. Juicy
  6. hahaa I'm having the same problem, I like juicy better though.
  7. the primp is so cute, but I like Juicy hoodies. I think I own over 50 juicy hoodies, so many color options and styles to choose from.
  8. Juicy!
  9. I'm going to go against the majority and say the Primp. It's really cute!
  10. juicy!!! i love mine and i wear it all the time!!
  11. Juicy... i love juicy hoodies
  12. Juicy !
  13. The Primp hoodie is really cute. Juicy hoodies are too common for my taste.
  14. Primp.... I really love Primp stuff and Juicy is becoming very common.
  15. I don't know the Juicy one you refer to, but juicy is seen a lot around... so I will say the primp one - plus I love the detail at the back