Which hoodie is cute?

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG](copy photo from tobi website)

    I can't make my mind to choose one, actually I like both. But for the price I only can choose one, can you help me out there?

  2. I bought the all over moofia/latte sweatshirt. I justified it with the fact that I have an Adios Storm hoodie so I didn't need another "dark-colored" hoodie. I actually wore my AS hoodie & my bf's uncle told me that it was "pretty loud"...wonder what he'd say about my newest one?
  3. Maybe choose one that goes with more of your outfits?
  4. I like this one better

    but if i have to choose between the 2 u posted, I prefer the first one
  5. I just got that one in the mail today and it is so soft and awesome!! But if I got another one it would be the all-over print one. That fabric is the lining of the hood of the one I got and the colors against the cream colored background are really beautiful.

  6. How do the sweatshirts fit size wise? If I wear an Medium in Gap tops what size would work? Thanks!
  7. I have the Moofia hoodie so I guess I am partial to that, but I like the Adios one too...I'm not too found of the lighter colored one.
  8. I'm 5'1" and about a size 8-10 (but with HUGE boobs that screw up how everything fits). I got the XL in both the tee and the hoodie and I'm glad I did - they're just about right. I don't think I'll be putting the tee in the dryer, though. :nogood:

  9. Thanks so much! I am about an 8/10 too. Which sweatshirt do you have? Do they all fit the same way? I want the Moofia one.
  10. I normally wear S (for toki shirts too) but I wear M for the moofia hoodie. I think its safer to go at least 1 size up
  11. It sounds like I definitely need the XL. Thank you!
  12. Hi, sisterblue: I have ordered the same one as yours, I received it today. I like it very much, that's why I want to have another hoodie...

    For you guys reference. I am 5'6, 115lb, usually wear woman size 4/6( or junior 7/9). I order tokidoki hoodie size L. It fitted me perfectly.:yahoo:
  13. I wear M in the t-shirts but got S in the hoodies, because I like that fit better. :shrugs:
    I got the Mozzarella & light moofia hoodie right when they came out on 80spurple ..but i really like the Adios one too. I guess it depends which you think you'd wear more, rachelinla. I haven't worn my all-over latte hoodie yet because I'm lazy about switching bags I guess, but I've worn my Mozzarella one a bunch because it's less colorful & I haven't had to switch my bag to wear it. Heh.
  14. Definitely the allover Moofia print. They're so cute!
  15. I got this one with Mozzarella on the back:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I assume that they would all fit the same. Anyone have two?