which holds more:

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  1. do any of you girls have more then one of these?
    7841_SVBK_d2.jpg 8941_SVMC_d2.jpg 10110_B4MC_d2.jpg
  2. I would imagine that the swing pack would def hold the most
  3. Agree, plus the dimensions are given on the website.

    I only have a mini skinny out of those three styles you posted, but I think I will most definitely be getting more.
  4. I have the mini skinny fits approx 3-4 cc, bills and a little change or you can slip your keys in that minus the stuff. The lemon is too small for anything except coins it would be best clipped to a bag as a decoration. The swing pack holds mini skinny, makeup, keys, cell, and a little more. The swing pack gives you the most for your $.
  5. the swing pack would hold the most.
  6. oh whoops lol i attached the wrong pict, i meant instead of this [​IMG]
  7. not the swing pack but the other small zip up thats rounded
  8. aarti I can't see the pic you just posted...But I have a mini skinney & an apple coin purse & the apple holds alittle bit more then the mini.
  9. this was it sorry: not the side pack lol
  10. do you think the fruit ones will head to the outlets?
  11. I doubt it...I went to the outlets frequently looking for last years fruit coin purses with no luck at all!
  12. so do you think for the extra money the fruit purse is worth it for the extra space, or should i stick with replacing my existing skinny?