Which holds more stuff: speedy 25 or petit bucket?

  1. And wondering which do you prefer? TIA
  2. Speedy is larger and will hold more than the petit pucket.
  3. Speedy 25
  4. ^Agreed. Also, the speedy 25 gives more "freedom" (space) for your things than the bucket.

    But I love my bucket. Never been a speedy fan...
  5. The speedy probably holds more, but the petite bucket holds a lot!
    The speedy is handheld, so if you stuff it, it will be heavy. The petite bucket is a shoulder bag so it's ideal for days that you KNOW you will be carrying a bit extra.
    I have a speedy 25 and the petite bucket and I love both equally!
  6. speedy 25.. it's cuter too!!
  7. I don't think the Speedy holds too much more than the bucket. One thing for sure the bucket is easier to carry when it is stuffed with things than the Speedy. I have both. Got the Bucket 6 years earlier than my first Speedy.
  8. I love the look of a speedy but in the size 30, the mono 25 looks too small to me unless you're a teen or young 20's, I like the look of a petit bucket and was hankering for one for a while and switched to wanting a batignolles vertical instead. If I were to choose between the two you're considering I would pick the bucket.