Which holds more-Jumbo Classic Flap or Extra Large 228 Reissue?

  1. To those who own both the Jumbo Classic Flap (12" x 8" x 3") and the Reissue Extra Large Jumbo (14.2" x 9.8" x 3")...

    Do you find that the Classic, although smaller, actually holds more than your Reissue? I have the Extra Large 228 Reissue and find it doesn't hold that much. (I still :heart: it though.)
  2. I think the Jumbo holds more...just the way it's designed....
  3. I can get more in the Jumbo.
  4. Is it because of the way the interior is divided in the Reissue? It looks large, but the extra leather takes up space?
  5. The reissue depth is also veyr thin so it'll be hard to put things in that are fat. Thej umbo depth is thicker so you can fit more in there