Which holds more in the Vernis line?

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  1. Does anyone have the Vernis Malibu street or Accessory Pouch and can provide maybe a side-by-side photo comparision on how much each holds? Or if you only have one what you think about that particular bag!?!

    I know I am asking alot but I would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks sooo much!:flowers: :flowers:
  2. Do you mean the Lexington? If so, it doesn't hold a lot. I think the Malibu would hold more.
  3. Good question Crystal. I have the lexington, and would love a Malibu, but am not sure how much it would hold.
    The lexington does not give at all, so it does not hold as much as a regular monogram accessory pouch. It can fit a very small wallet/cles, cell, some makeup. Not tons though, and no give at all with the Vernis.
    I'm gonna guess the Malibu holds a bit less actually from looking at the shape and size of it on Elux, but I could be wrong.
    Hopefully someone has a Malibu and get fill you in on that and what it holds.:flowers:
  4. Yes, the Lexington! :yes: I couldn't think of the name!
  5. The malibu looks very structured and I think it's thicker than the Lexington!?!:shrugs: I adore the look of the Malibu but if the Lexington holds more I will probably go for it instead.
  6. Yeah the Malibu probably will hold more. It's weird because it's a tiny bit wider than the Lexington. The Lexington definitely holds less than a regular pochette though; I can usually only carry my Razr, Ludlow wallet, a pen and a lip gloss in that one. It looks really weird if anything isn't sitting perfectly in it lol.
  7. the malibu or the minna?
  8. MALIBU!!! also, I htink it looks more refined than the lexington....probably cuz of the clasp....:biggrin:
  9. the malibu is way thicker/wider than the lexington. the lexington is skinny skinny! smaller than the regular pochettes.
  10. Thanks for all of the responses! It looks like the Malibu wins! I was leaning toward that bag anyway as I too love the clasp! I appreciate all of the info!
  11. Oooh...good choice!
  12. Malibu would hold more. The Lexington is quite thin width wise.
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