Which holds more; delightful mm or neverfull gm?

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  1. Which holds more the delightful mm or neverfull gm? My most used bag is my monogram neverfull mm. I am pretty petite but I find when I am out with all of my kids, it's just not big enough. So I was wondering for those of you who may have both neverfull gm and delightful mm which you find you can carry more in. Thank you for your help.
  2. Neverfull GM for sure!
  3. Neverfull GM
  4. Thank you so much, now I'll have to check for the new price of the mon monogram neverfull gm. I wasn't sure because the dimensions online are deceiving.
  5. I can't imagine NOT being able to fit something in the NF GM. That is one big bag! :smile: