Which holds more: classic jumbo or medium bowler??

  1. Hi girls,
    I have another question for those of you with extensive collections/knowledge (or both!). Which of these 2 bags holds more and which is easier to get things into/out of? I like the flap but it seems like I'd have to organize my things in there a certain way to make them fit whereas with the bowler I could just throw stuff in without worrying about orientation. Would love to know your thoughts. Please help! :confused1:
  2. I think the bowler holds more. I have a bowler and can't bring myself to buy a flap (even jumbo sized) because I don't think it holds that much. My fat wallet alone will take up most of the space.
  3. I felt the same after trying on both, though I never actually tried to put my stuff in either. The jumbo flap is a lot narrower so I probably wouldn't be able to toss things in...
  4. I checked out the jumbo reissue yesterday because I love the dark silver color. As much as I love the color though, I can't justify spending that much $$ on what would be essentially an "evening bag" for me - especially when I don't go that many places that would require an evening bag! :Push:
  5. Me too! I actually prefer the large size in the classic flap (jumbo seems quite large on me and bulkier b/c of the long chains although you could always tie it up) so I keep deferring that purchase. I always seem to find something I'll use more. And the prices keep going up! I was almost sure this time that I would finally buy the jumbo and try to use it as an everyday bag, then along came the bowler...
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