Which holds more: a 32 kelly retourne or a 31 bolide rigide?

  1. Ladies, I need your opinions. Our family will be traveling in France and Africa this summer and I "need" a workhorse. I keep vacillating between a 32 kelly retourne and a 31 bolide non-mou. The Ode to Bolide, GT's kelly, and Smom and Rose's canvas straps are making my head spin. Whichever bag it is would probably be black with GH in a leather like fjord. I like the way the kelly looks better, but the bolide is beautiful, too, and I'm wondering if there is a a big difference in function--or not so much?

    I carry all the usual space-consuming stuff (camera, umbrella, sunglasses, etc., etc.) and want as much room and ease of use as possible. I took my 35 birkin to France a few weeks ago and it was way too bulky to carry around without a shoulder strap. I've also decided a 35 kelly would be too big looks-wise. I imagine I'd have to always use the strap with the kelly because it would be so heavy fully-loaded that the turnkey would break right off otherwise. Many of you have one of both of these wonderful bags. What do you think? Which bag would you take?
  2. mizzle, I'm answering you based on what I feel when carrying these styles and my Bolide 31 is a mou as opposed to the rigid....my Kellys are retourne....ok....but, I feel the Kelly 32 is a little roomier than the Bolide 31.

    Just an opinion too, about the 35 Kelly....it definitely has possibilities when it comes to roominess. Holds a lot, not as heavy as the Birkin 35....it's something to think about????

    Of course, the Kelly 32 will be somewhat lighter than the 35 and even tho you're using the strap, lighter + walking around a lot = comfort just as you've said.
  3. Mizzle, I'd suggest going with the Kelly. I dragged my 28 cm retourne throughout Paris for days and it was fantastic. I put in a compact travel umbrella, a stuffed Karo PM, mobile phone, maps, small phrase book, Le 24 coin purse (GREAT for the Euro coins I was amassing), a small camera, and a small bottle of water. My sunglass case was a bit bulky so I refrained from putting it in there and just had my sunglasses on my head when they weren't in use. For those long-haul days visiting touristy sites, I'd bring my medium Longchamp Pliage with long handles and use that to tote more things, but I found my Kelly was sufficient for most days. Also, there is something special about having your Kelly with you in Europe. I think you'd really miss it if you left Kelly at home.

    I was really glad I brought the Kelly; it worked very well as a day into evening bag too, and a 32cm will work just the same and give you a little more room. I am actually now considering getting a 35 cm Retourne down the road for use as my workhorse bag.

    I was a bit worried about the 28cm at first, but it really forced me to edit my daily contents. It was a great exercise b/c I'm used to dumping everything into a 35cm Birkin, but after 8 days with a 28cm, you realize that there is a vast difference between what you actually need and what you think you need! ;)
  4. I don't have a Bolide but the 32 cm Kelly is really the 'ideal' bag. It is so versatile. It has plenty of room for one's daily must haves, it's a smart 'go any where' bag, the shoulder/canvas strap options make it great for long shopping trips/airports/sightseeing. No matter how casually one is dressed, the Kelly adds that ' Grace Kelly' feel to your day.
  5. I have both the bags you are comparing and honestly....they hold the same. If you fill the Kelly up, it makes it harder to close (which is bad during travels) but if you fill a rigide Bolide up, the opening still remains slightly closed. My vote is the Bolide, but overall I don't think there will be much difference in amount of stuff carried.
  6. Had my 28cm Retourne Clemence Kelly practically GLUED to me while in NYC and it was packed full and I never had a moments problem with it. Folding umbrella, makeup case, cell phone, camera, wallet, keys, scarf, T-shirt and I had plenty of room for more! And this in a 28cm!

    I think if your brought your Kelly and had a canvas strap so you could use the bag as a messenger as well, you would be so happy you did!!!
  7. isus orchids, Rose, great feedback...opinions are definitely leaning toward kelly.

    isus, it makes sense that the 32 would be a little roomier. That's what I suspected, given its square bottom, even though it's not quite as deep or tall. I recall that you look fab with your kelly. Do you find that you use your kellies more than your bolide?

    orchids, I'm just amazed that you were able to travel with a 28. You are so organized, and you must have looked sooo chic. Is it a togo type of leather?

    Rose, the pics of you and your kelly and canvas strap are tdf. It's glamorous and casual at the same time. Just a great look!
  8. Thank you, mizzle....Yes, I use my Kellys more than the Bolide, although the Bolide is a beautiful workhorse and went with me to NYC. I just feel so good with the Kelly beside me:smile:like I'm walking with a Princess.
  9. Mizzle, my 28cm was in Buffalo Dalmation. I was very skeptical about the 28cm but was so glad I brought it, particularly for evenings out. I didn't even wind up using my Chanel evening clutch. I wish they hadn't discontinued Buffalo (it is on Garden Partys still) for bags--LOVE this skin...such a workhorse. Fjord or Togo will do just as fine I'd imagine!
  10. I'e been using my Kelly non-stop since I got it and I lead an active/mom life. I can't express to you how much I love it. I'd take the Kelly 32 in a heartbeat but also pack a small Les Pliages folding tote for the times and places that a Kelly is just not appropriate to bring. The LP totes are cheap and fold into nothing (you could even store one IN your Kelly.) I'm a Bolide lover, too so this is tough! I'd just have more fun bringing the Kelly shopping and to dinner in France.
  11. ^^^^ I agree, I NEVER travel without my Les Pliages. I do store one in my Kelly when I travel, just in case....

    There are sometimes situations when you really don't want to be seen with an expensive bag.
  12. Yup!
    Rose, our Kellys are the same except for color and HW. NOW I see what you've been talking about all this time.
    Do you use the strap on yours often? It saves me. So easy to get into the bag at the checkout line and such when the strap is on your shoulder. And it saves me from having to set Kelly down on some counters (which aren't always super clean.)
  13. I do use my shoulder strap quite often although I prefer to use it hand held. I use the strap most when I am out with my younger DD (which is often) so I can hold her hand etc. I have not used my canvas strap yet (just got it this week) but it will be invaluable when I travel.
  14. ^ same here. Until DD goes to school, she's usually with me. But when I'm alone, I love to carry it handheld.
  15. GT, I think you went through a decision process similar to mine, deciding between the bolide and the 32 kelly, and I can see you made the perfect decision. After I seeing you and your kelly (and Rose and Smom) I felt certain that the 32 was the way to go. Then, well, I looked at some bolide threads and got confused again, lol.

    frenchie, you're confirming that the actual functionality of the 2 is pretty similar. So it's more a style preference. I like your observation about how each bag can be hard to close in its own way. I never would have thought of that.

    orchids, you must have stopped traffic with your dalmation kelly. What a fantastic creation.

    smom, your vert olive is so classy and great with your coloring. I think it may be my favorite for you of your your wondrous collection. Your kelly love has been quite inspiring.

    isus, you are a princess, not just your kelly!

    Rose, is that a medium pliages that fits the kelly? Okay, one more essential thing to fit into it!