which hobo would you go for?

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mitzy or daria?

  1. Mitzy Hobo

  2. Daria Hobo

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  1. i'm looking for a big light bag and since i really like the hobo style i'm eyeing either the large mitzy hobo or the daria hobo!
    what i don't like about the mitzy: the magnetic clasp, i'd rather have the bag closed properly, but the leathers look lovely and i like its casual style!
    what i don't like about daria: the big round metal plate, looks a bit blingy in the pictures? (sorry, don't mean to offend anyone! haven't seen it IRL yet though), but i really like the braided handle and the zip fastening!

    both seem similar in size, I'd need to carry around a4 files etc.

    which one do you personally prefer and why? enable me! :nuts::smile:
  2. Both gorgeous but for me the Daria swings it. Due to the 'coaster' on Daria, it will always be an immediately recognisable Mulberry bag regardless of whether the style becomes a classic or not.
  3. Have 2 medium mitzy hobos. A really handy bag, light and comfy. Don't worry about the clasp. I was very concerned that every pick pocket on the planet would be helping themselves to the contents of my bag BUT when the bag is on your shoulder the opening tucks right in under your armpit. The opening is narrower than the rest of the bag so I find it really safe. The large bag is quite deep so safe too.
  4. I have mouse grey daria and oak mitzy. I prefer the leather of the Mitzy. Its far thicker, smooshier and has far more character. And also I'm paranoid about scratching the big metal disc on Daria. I find I don't zip daria up either because it's a faff getting her off the shoulder and holding her whilst unzipping to get my purse out etc.
  5. ooh was just going to say exactly what emma lou said about being under the arm - but this is a tough decision as I actually love both of these bags equally!!!
    Have you an opportunity to try both and feel the love :biggrin:
  6. i vote daria!
  7. I'd find it hard to choose between them. I have two Mitzy hobos, oak and turquoise and I love their thick, supple leather. I have no problem with the clasp fastener and the only negative, IMO, is the brown handle. I would prefer it to be the same colour as the leather.
    The Daria hobo is smarter. I like the zip fastening and a real plus, style wise, is the plaited handle. The Daria is probably lighter and it melds better to the body shape. I don't have a problem with the big coaster.
    I think they are two very different animals. This is just my opinion but I regard Mitzy are more of a casual bag whereas Daria is a bit more refined.
  8. The Daria plaque is very striking & eyecatching, but because it is so perfectly made it gets away with it beautifully. Also the spongy leather edges the Mitzi leather for me.

    If lightness is an issue I can't recommend the Beatrice Hobo in glazed goatskin highly enough. It's got more detail than the Mitzi but not as in your face as the Daria.
  9. i love them both so i won't be of any help to you! lol i'm eyeing daria in peony pink python and mitzy bluberry patent. :drool:
  10. I prefer the look of the Mitzy but don't have one so can't comment on usability. If you don't love the look of the Daria, perhaps you would be able to get used to the clasp on Mitzy?
  11. Mitzy all the way- LMM is to blame- I got a medium one and really wasnt sure if I would like or use her and I had just got swept away with wanting one after seeing so many on here- but I love her - not heavy to carry at all- lovely thick substantial leather and the clasp feels really secure- one of the best bags to carry on your shoulder no slipping and so secure. Daria's big logo is a no no for me
  12. Voted Mitzy too, although it was a hard choice. Love the leather on both of them, but Mitzy has the edge. I presume they are very similar bags and with the price difference, I'd have to go for Mitzy.
  13. thanks for all your opinions, it's really helpful! :flowers:
    so far 7 people have voted for mitzy and 7 for daria :biggrin: unfortunately i don't have the opportunity to try them IRL before buying. right now i'm more inclined towards the mitzy... also because of the price :whistle:
  14. To help your poll ;)

    But only because I prefer the Mitzy to the Daria, and I'd love a Mitzy messenger myself :P
  15. I don't think you would be disappointed with either tbh. I agree with SJ in that Mitzy is more casual and Daria more refined. I couldn't have summed it up better. It depends on you and what you're wearing, where you're going, etc